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Could Keanu’s foolishness cause Louise’s MURDER in EastEnders?

Phil wants Keanu to look after Louise in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Danger! EastEnders this week sees Keanu desperately trying to save Louise from Phil’s dodgy enemy

When Keanu Taylor returned from Spain, Phil set him a new task in EastEnders as he realised that trouble had followed the young mechanic home.

With Danny and Midge on his case for cash, Phil knew his daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) was an easy target and instructed Keanu to be her bodyguard.

EastEnders Midge and Louise Mitchell

Midge talks to Louise... is she walking to her death in EastEnders?

This week, foolish Keanu (Danny Walters) takes his eye off the ball and lands Louise in grave danger…

Having scraped money-laundering Danny’s cash together, a relieved Phil (Steve McFadden) pays him off and is quick to turn down the offer of another dodgy job. But when Phil’s out of earshot, Ben tries to negotiate with Danny…

Meanwhile, Phil’s other enemy, Midge, is still prowling about. Having clocked Keanu with Louise, Midge seizes his chance to have some flirty banter with her. He’s clearly up to something…

Later, with Louise wanting to have sex with Keanu – unaware he’s only with her because Phil’s paying him – it’s starting to get awkward. When Keanu rejects Louise’s advances, she storms off in a huff – only to get into a row with Bex about her obsession with her "boyfriend".

As an upset Louise heads out without her bodyguard, Midge makes his move…

When Phil checks in with Keanu, wanting to know where Louise is, the mechanic rushes off to find her – only to realise she’s in serious peril when he clocks her with Midge!

Can Keanu save Louise?

EastEnders continues on BBC1.

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