Let's dance! Stream Magic Mike's Last Dance at home via digital on-demand

Salma Hayek Pinaul and Channing Tatum dance on stage in Magic Mike's Last Dance
Salma Hayek Pinaut and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike's Last Dance (Image credit: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Magic Mike is making a house call. The third and final movie in the dance franchise, Magic Mike's Last Dance, is now available to stream online through digital on-demand platforms. This at-home release comes less than three weeks after the movie's February 10 premiere in movie theaters.

Viewers can now stream Magic Mike's Last Dance for a rental fee of $19.99 on Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu and Apple TV. The movie is also available to purchase through these same platforms for about $24.99.

The movie celebrated the news with a tweet that is pretty on-brand and should rile up its target audience.

If you still would prefer to watch Magic Mike's Last Dance in movie theaters, it is still playing in many locations.

Magic Mike's Last Dance sees Channing Tatum return to arguably his most iconic role, as the male stripper with the best moves and a heart of gold. He stars in the movie with Salma Hayek Pinault. Meet the full Magic Mike's Last Dance cast here.

The story picks up after Mike has seen his latest business venture crumble, leaving him broke and doing bartending gigs. After meeting wealthy socialite Max and showing her his dancing skills, she gives him an exciting opportunity to put on a dance show all on his own in London. But Max has her own agenda and Mike has to get his cast of dancers into shape. Can he pull it off?

Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first Magic Mike movie, also returned to direct Magic Mike's Last Dance.

About 75% of audiences have given Magic Mike's Last Dance a thumbs up, per Rotten Tomatoes, while the movie came in at number one at the US box office the weekend it premiered. Critics weren't as kind to the movie; you can read WTW's Magic Mike's Last Dance review for a sampling of why.

While Magic Mike's Last Dance is available to watch at home now, it is still not available on a specific streaming platform. Seeing as the movie hails from Warner Bros., it is almost assured to land on HBO Max first in the US, though at this time it is not part of the what’s new on HBO Max lineup for March.

Watch the trailer for Magic Mike's Last Dance directly below.

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