‘Married At First Sight' UK fans are obsessed with the show's first-ever same-sex couple Matt and Daniel

Married At First Sight UK contestants
Married At First Sight UK fans are loving this years partnerships. (Image credit: E4)

In episode two (31 August) of Married At First Sight UK, we saw two more couples tie the knot, including 31-year-old Veterinary Nurse, Morag and 36-year-old Care Home Manager and Fireman, Luke. As well as 27-year-old Daniel who works in Sales, with 39-year-old Charity Worker, Matt. 

Married At First Sight UK made a historical step this year by having its first-ever same-sex couple on the show, with singletons Matt, from West Yorkshire and Daniel, from Northern Ireland, being the first gay couple to be paired together by the experts. They were initially split up at the start of the show before they met at the altar, with Matt meeting the rest of the grooms and Daniel joining the brides.

Daniel and Matt in Married at First Sight on E4

Fans have got high hopes for Matt and Daniel.  (Image credit: E4)

Outgoing and caring Matt’s one strong desire was that he wanted to have children, saying, “I can’t imagine not having kids. I can’t imagine not having the opportunity to be a dad.” So it was important that he would be paired with someone who also wanted to start a family and also match his adventurous nature.

They found his match in free-spirited and positive Daniel, who said, “I would like someone who can let their hair down. Be a nice person,” he added that, “I’d love someone to get down, get jiggy with, dance on the cliff, and we’re just there vibing with each other, having the good feels, that would be an absolute dream.”

Although it seemed their adventurous energies matched and they were at similar stages of their lives, would Daniel also want children? There was also another potential problem - the age gap. 

Daniel and Matt in Married at First Sight on E4

Will Matt and Daniel's relationship stand the test of time?  (Image credit: E4)

Daniel was amazed by Matt after they got married, “So far, great personality, stunning smile, great teeth, and yeah, just the overall package,” he said as they were having their pictures taken after the ceremony.

However, the possible make-or-break questions were asked afterwards with Matt wondering how old Daniel was. After Daniel’s response, Matt said, “That age difference, to me, isn't an issue as long as you’re in the same kind of place as I am.” Which only left the last burning question: “Do you want kids?” Daniel asked Matt. Matt responded with “Yeah, yeah, I do.” Matt was excited to hear Daniel say, “Yeah, me too.” 

Fans took to Twitter to show their admiration for the couple and they had high hopes for the pair’s future...

Married At First Sight UK airs weekday evenings on E4 at 9pm. 

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