Netflix to tell story of Messi's World Cup 2022 win in new sports docuseries

Argentina's Lionel Messi in a World Cup 2022 game against Mexico
Argentina's Lionel Messi (Image credit: Getty Images)

The dust has now settled on the World Cup 2022, with the quadrennial football tournament having concluded with Argentina winning the final on December 20. However, if you're already missing those footie-filled few weeks of your life, Netflix has something on its way for you.

Via a post on its Tudum news website, Netflix has clarified the details on several upcoming sports documentaries, including two never-before-announced ones.

One of these, as you're no doubt aware given the headline of this news story, is about the 2022 World Cup. World Cup: The Greatest Show On Earth is a docuseries that is scheduled to release later in the year, and tells the story of the Qatar-hosted event.

According to Netflix, the documentary will include exclusive footage from the competing teams, with lots of behind-the-scenes coverage. While the name is just a working title, so it could change before release, football fans will likely be glad to hear that something is coming up for them very soon.

The other documentary is called Six Nations, and it'll focus on Six Nations Rugby, an annual rugby championship between England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy. 

The 2023 edition of the championship starts on February 4 — here's our guide on how to watch the Six Nations Rugby 2023 if you're interested — but Netflix doesn't specify if its docuseries explores the tournament as a whole or just one year's version of it. Again, there's no release date, beyond "2023" as a whole.

Sports fans with Netflix subscriptions are likely adding these two upcoming series to an already-long watch list. A new season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive pulls up on February 24 while the producers of that show are also releasing Break Point about tennis on January 13 and Full Swing, about PGA Tour, which tees off on February 15.

(Fans of those sports? We've also got guides on how to watch the Australian Open and how to watch the PGA Tour).

Later in the year, and also from the same producers as all of the above, a docuseries on Tour de France is on its way, following eight teams of the annual cycling tour.

Plus — and the only show we're talking about that's not from the producers of Drive to Survive — a documentary about the Invictus Games called Heart of Invictus is coming later in the year as well.

All in all, that's plenty to sink your teeth into. Despite being one of the only streaming services not to offer live streams of sports events, Netflix is offering lots to keep sports fans entertained and subscribed.

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