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New twist in Emmerdale's Joe Tate drama brings chaos for THIS character

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There's yet more drama to come in Emmerdale now that the truth about Joe Tate's fate has been revealed...

Next week sees a new storyline twist heading to Emmerdale as Graham Foster goes to the police to tell them Joe Tate is alive.

The police investigation into Joe's sudden disappearance on his wedding day takes a turn when Graham reports there has been a sighting of the young businessman over in Monte Carlo.

But while Graham is only reporting the news to the police to wind up Kim Tate, the fallout has huge consequences for Cain Dingle.

Kim pushes Graham too far in Emmerdale

Graham trumps Kim by going to the police about Joe...

As Emmerdale fans will know, Cain still thinks that not only is Joe dead, but that he is the one who killed him with a fatal punch last year.

But next week will see the mechanic discover that he's not the killer he thought he was when it is revealed that Debbie's former fiancee is actually alive and well.

With Kim still digging her claws into the Dingles, desperate to get her hands on their farm, she has been using the fact that Cain apparently killed Joe as a way to blackmail them.

But things are set to change when the news of Joe comes out - where will this leave Cain going forward?

He might be off the hook for killing Joe, but what will happen next in Kim's vendetta against him?

Cain confronts Kim in Emmerdale

Where does the news about Joe leave Cain and Kim's war?

While Cain is understandably baffled but thrilled about the news, Moira is left with some serious questions about why her husband is suddenly off the hook for the crime?

Why is it now that the truth has been revealed?

Kim lies to Moira that Cain has given in to her blackmailing and has gone through with a mysterious indecent proposal that she put to him, but will Moira believe Kim's claims?

And more to the point, what will happen when Debbie finds out Joe isn't dead after all?

Not only does this open a whole can of worms where she is concerned... could it also mean that her relationship with her dad can finally get back on track?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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