'Shetland' fans celebrate Stephen McCole's 'astonishing' performance

Shetland actor Stephen McCole as Logan Creggan
Stephen McCole as Logan Creggan. (Image credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz)

Shetland season 6's latest episode saw Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) and his squad trying to trace Logan Creggan, and Stephen McCole's performance as Logan has stunned fans across the board!

*spoilers for the latest episode of Shetland ahead*

Episode 4 followed Logan as he tried to track down who was responsible for his son's death. At the end of episode three, he'd called Jimmy Perez to his home after a gang of people had set fire to it and caused a firefight which led to Fraser Creggan being shot. After watching Jimmy arrive at the crime scene, Logan fled the scene, armed with his rifle.

Across the episode, Logan went after several key players in the Alex Galbraith case, all while Jimmy, Tosh, Billy, and Sandy tried to track him down. Logan is an Iraq veteran, and we had already seen how his time in the army had affected his mental health earlier in the season. Thankfully, Jimmy eventually managed to bring him into the station for questioning.

During his heartbreaking police interview, Logan opened up about what he had experienced whilst he was in the army. At the same time, Jimmy tried to investigate whether he was at all responsible for Galbraith's murder. Logan was growing increasingly frustrated with Jimmy and asked why he wasn't trying to look for Fraser's killer. Tragically, Jimmy was then forced to reveal that he was responsible for his own son Fraser's death.

The way Stephen McCole portrayed Logan thoroughly impressed Shetland's fans. Alongside the usual praise for another brilliant episode of the BBC crime drama, lots of viewers took to Twitter to share how powerful his acting had been. The praise even prompted McCole himself to thank the viewers for their kind words.

Logan Creggan's interview wasn't just a stunning performance, it also has a huge impact on the Alex Galbraith case. Initially, Logan had been one of the chief suspects in the case, although this episode has all but exonerated him. The custom bullets he'd manufactured at his home were not a match for those found in Galbraith's postmortem, and his motive has been disproved during the interview. Will the team ever manage to find Alex's murderer?

Shetland continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1 — see our TV Guide for full listings. You can catch up with previous episodes right now on BBC iPlayer.

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