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Shock attack threatens to tear THIS Home and Away family apart

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Colby Thorne is left hurt after Bella Nixon viciously lashes out at him...

Bella Nixon is causing trouble once again in today's Home and Away, but this time her antics leave big brother Colby Thorne badly hurt.

Ever since Dean Thompson started getting closer to Ziggy Astoni, Bella hasn't liked it, convinced that her makeshift family with Dean, Colby and Willow Harris would come crashing down with someone else in the frame.

Teenage tearaway Bella even hid in the back on Ziggy and Dean's car as they went on the bush rally recently, hoping that once he saw her, Dean would leave Ziggy to continue the car race and take her home to Summer Bay.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Bella Nixon, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and Dean were stunned to find stowaway Bella in the rally car (Picture: Channel 5)

But not only did Bella's plan not work when Colby flew out to the outback to come and bring her home, but she also failed to stop Dean and Ziggy getting together.

As the new couple returned to Summer Bay, it didn't take long for the news that they were an item to spread... and Bella wasn't happy.

But it seems there is a serious case of crossed wires today when Ziggy's sister Coco doesn't realise Dean and Ziggy have sorted their differences, and tells Bella that her sister is only with Dean for fun.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Colby Thorne, Bella Nixon

Dean has tried to help Colby tame his wayward sister, Bella (Picture: Channel 5)

Bella sees red, convinced that Ziggy is using Dean and vows to make sure he knows that he's being played.

But when Willow tells Bella to let it go and leave Ziggy and Dean to be happy, the troublesome teen can't leave things be and heads to the surf club to find the couple and confront Ziggy about what she said.

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However when she tells Dean what Ziggy said, Colby arrives to find his little sister making mischief once again.

He is at a loss at how to handle her, and even after getting some words of advice from Irene, the police officer is at a loss at what to do next with Bella.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Bella will be left reeling after she lashes out at her brother, Cobly today (Picture: Channel 5)

As he tries to drag her out of the surf club at the end of today's episode, Bella doesn't take kindly to being treated like a child and she lashes out at her brother, grabbing the nearest thing to her... which just happens to be a pool ball.

As she smashes Colby over the head with the ball, the surf club goes silent as everyone reels from what Bella has done.

Unable to believe she just hurt her brother like that, Bella dashes out... but as Dean races after her, what sort of state will Cobly be left in?

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