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Soap fans hail last night's EastEnders the 'best episode' after THIS shock twist

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Last night's EastEnders has got fans in a frenzy!

EastEnders fans sent social media into meltdown last night after a brilliant scene saw Phil Mitchell punching Jonno Highway in the middle of The Vic.

The drama between Callum and Ben's dads came after Jonno returned to Walford, despite the fact last time he was in the Square both his sons told him never to return.

As soon as Jonno stepped into Albert Square he was causing trouble, firstly by winding up Stuart and then by tracking down Callum to find out how the wedding went.

Stuart Highway is shocked to see his dad Stuart Highway in EastEnders

Jonno's back and no one is happy to see him (Picture: BBC)

But of course, Whitney and Callum's wedding didn't go ahead, but Callum didn't want his homophobic dad to know why, so he lied and pretended that he and Whitney are happily married.

However, when Whitney unwittingly revealed the wedding didn't happen, Jonno wanted answers from his son and tracked him down in The Vic.

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But just as he walked in, Callum was taking the bull by the horns and asking Ben out on a date... only for Ben to ask him to prove that he is ready to openly date by kissing him right there in the middle of the packed pub.

But before Callum can go through with Ben's challenge, Jonno walked in and demanded to know what was happening.

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As Callum bravely told his dad that the he didn't marry Whitney because he is gay, Jonno was aghast at the revelation and started a homophobic rant at his son, even blaming Ben for turning Callum gay.

But as Jonno's sickening tirade continued, a protective Phil saw red and punched Jonno in the face, leading to the nation cheering him on as he defended 'Ballum'.

In fact fans loved Phil's punch so much that 'Phil Mitchell' started trending on Twitter and many fans deemed the episode the best they had seen...

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The icing on the cake for 'Ballum' fans came after Phil's left hook, when Callum made sure his dad really got the message by kissing Ben in the middle of the Square.

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With Ben and Callum officially on - and with Phil backing them all the way - it seems there's no stopping Walford's newest couple now, and fans couldn't be happier.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.