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Star Trek: Discovery aftershow — watch Wil Wheaton in The Ready Room!

The Ready Room is back! The aftershow that first premiered with Star Trek: Picard has returned for Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery, and host Wil Wheaton — who was a member of the Next Generation cast — has returned right along with it.

The Ready Room features discussion of the latest episode, interviews with the actors, and sneak peeks at upcoming weeks. So you definitely don't want to watch until you're caught up on the show itself, unless you're the sick sort of person who loves spoilers.

The first first ep of The Ready Room following the premiere of Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery — we've reviewed the first four episodes already — features Wheaton chatting with actor David Ajala, who plays Cleveland "Book" Booker.

And, yes, there's talk about Grudge, the cat.

Ajala also talks about his relationship with Sir Patrick Stewart, who he knows from their time in the Royal Shakespeare Company in their native England.

Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery premiered Oct. 15 on CBS All Access (opens in new tab). The 13-episode season will drop new installments each Thursday.

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