Survivor season 45 began with quitter and I'm honestly impressed by her shamelessness

Season 45 starts with a shocking Survivor quitter. Pictured (L-R): Sean Edwards, Hannah Rose, and Brandon Donlon
Sean Edwards, Hannah Rose and Brandon Donlon on Survivor season 45 (Image credit: Robert Voets/CBS)

The 90-minute premiere of Survivor season 45 ended with a bang — specifically, our first Survivor quitter. Yes, while the majority of the Survivor season 45 cast was ecstatic to be competing for the title of Sole Survivor over the course of 26 days in Fiji, during the season's first episode, which premiered on Wednesday, September 27, one competitor was less than thrilled to be living the island life. 

No, it wasn't Bruce, who made a return to the competition this season after leaving the island during the Survivor season 44 premiere due to injury. And not Brandon, the content producer and Survivor superfan who had to get medical aid after the first challenge and tearfully admitted to struggling during his first days on the island. 

Rather, it was Brandon's Lulu tribemate, Hannah. After the tribe had lost the immunity challenge and would be heading to a vote at the Tribal Council, the tattooed therapist admitted she didn't feel sad about the prospect of going home. Instead, she felt relief. 

"Maybe I like my comfort and that's okay… I want nicotine and food!" she said. (Mind you, this is a mere three days into the survivalist competition.) 

Going into Tribal Council, it seemed like the rest of the Lulu crew planned to vote out pessimistic Emily, who they felt brought down team morale. That is, however, until Hannah spoke up: "I'd love to watch [the competition] unfold... from the comfort of my own home," she told the group. "Everything in my body is like, 'I'm not going back to that camp. Please don't make me go back to that camp'." 

She continued, telling host Jeff Probst: "And I'm going to be really honest, I don't need to be voted out to go home." When he asked her for clarification, she stated frankly: "I don't know how much more forthright I can be... I'm not mentally here."

Shocked, Jeff and the rest of the Lulu tribe decided to forgo a traditional Tribal Council altogether and agreed to let Hannah leave the island of her own accord. "I don't want to keep somebody here who doesn't want to be here," tribemate Emily stated. 

While Hannah's sheer dependence on creature comforts made for some very entertaining TV, personally, I grieve for the diehard season alternates who were passed over by producers in favor of someone who couldn't go 72 hours without their vape.

Upon her exit, Hannah joked: "Oh my god, is this Edge of Extinction? Because I'm not going." 

Fans react to season 45's Survivor quitter

Not surprisingly, Survivor fans had a lot to say on social media about Hannah's exit:

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