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Terror for THIS Home and Away pair as bad news turns their world upside down

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There's devastating drama heading for Home and Away's Tori and Robbo today when their 20 week scan reveals their baby could be in danger...

Just when it seemed Summer Bay's Morgan family couldn't cope with any more drama, today's Home and Away drops a bombshell that will rock the family.

Hot on the heels of Mason appearing in court for drug possession, and then Brody making his shock departure from the Bay, the family aren't given a moment of happiness before doctors deliver some heartbreaking news to pregnant Tori.

Despite the joy of seeing her little one at her 20 week scan yesterday, Tori was left terrified when she got a call from the hospital telling the doctor that she needs to go in for another scan.

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney, Robbo, Tori Morgan

Jasmine, Robbo and Tori were all smiles ahead of the 20-week baby scan (Picture: Channel 5)

Being in the profession, Tori racks her brain about what her sonographer could have found, but all she remembers seeing on the screen yesterday was her perfectly healthy baby.

As Tori and dad-to-be Robbo head to the hospital to find out more, Jasmine tags along for moral support. But once they're there, it is revealed the problem isn't with the baby, but actually with Tori.

Home and Away, Robbo, Tori Morgan

Robbo and Tori fear the worst after doctors reveal there are problems with Tori's pregnancy... (Picture: Channel 5)

The terrified expectant mum is told that her cervix is short, which could lead to an early labour... and as she is only 20 weeks, if he baby was born now there would be no chance of survival.

As everyone struggles to take in the news, the doctors tell Tori that she needs to go for another scan to double check their measurements.

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Meanwhile Robbo needs some air and races out of the hospital, leaving Jasmine convinced that he is doing his usual trick of disappearing when the going gets tough.

But in a surprise turn of events, Robbo has actually called Aiden, his councillor, to get advice on how to process this awful news.

Home and Away, Tori Morgan

Tori is heartbroken by the news her baby may not survive (Picture: Channel 5)

Before long Robbo does the right thing and goes back to the hospital to be by Tori's side when she needs him the most.

The pair are told there are things the hospital can do to prevent Tori going into early labour, but there is still a risk that the baby could be delivered prematurely.

Knowing she needs to rest to give her baby a fighting chance, Tori heads home and Robbo fusses around her to make sure she has everything she needs, determined to look after the mother of his child.

Home and Away, Tori Morgan

Will Tori's unborn baby survive? (Picture: Channel 5)

And later, when the drama has quietened down, Tori calls Robbo to tell him the news she didn't have a chance to reveal earlier... they're having a baby girl.

Will Tori's baby be okay? Or this heartache set to haunt her pregnancy?

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