The Real Housewives of Atlanta: who wrote the note about Kandi?

Kandi Burruss on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14
Kandi Burruss on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 (Image credit: Alan Smith/Bravo)

Over the years, the women of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have done their fair share of spilling "tea" and throwing shade. While in many instances, the spiller of the tea and the thrower of the shade will cop to what they said, there are moments when they don’t. For example, in season 9 when allegations about Kandi Burruss swirled around the group for months, no one took responsibility for the comments until the cast was pressed on the issue at the reunion in front of Bravo's Andy Cohen. 

Kandi is again at the center of a wild rumor and no one from the cast wants to take ownership of starting it. Because we are admittedly impatient for the season 14 reunion when the truth may be revealed, we decided to use our knowledge of the show and Twitter to select a suspect or three.

Doing a quick recap of what happened, Kenya Moore invited the ladies to a birthday party for her daughter, Brooklyn. Instead of keeping the day all about the little girl, she opted to take the women to the side and play a game where each of the ladies would write down something they heard about another woman of the cast. The catch is the rumors are written down anonymously. This caveat wound up setting off a new "who said that" mystery as Kandi read a note that claimed she was involved in some "risqué" behavior in a locker room. When the Xscape singer immediately asked who wrote the message, no one confessed. 

In fact, all the RHOA cast members made jokes about the rumor, but not one said they were responsible for writing it down. Because we can almost guarantee that a ghost did not write the message, we as viewers were left to assume that one of the women was lying. However, which one was it? 

Shereé Whitfield 

Oddly enough, early in the episode, Shereé has a discussion with Marlo Hampton and vents about Kandi talking about a rumor involving the original cast member of RHOA. Drew Sidora’s assistant alleged that Shereé didn’t pay him; that information got to Kandi and she told Marlo. 

When Marlo got the information, she mentioned it to Shereé in their sit down this week and the latter was quite upset with Kandi. She felt Kandi was her friend and as such Kandi owed her the courtesy of telling her about the allegation instead of spreading it to Marlo. Shereé even went as far as to say she’s heard plenty of things about Kandi that she hasn’t run around telling people. 

After Kandi reads the note at the tea party, Shereé states in her confessional that she’s not surprised to hear the allegation and she’s actually shocked that Kandi appears to be offended because she’s probably been risqué everywhere else. 

Given the fact she was already upset with Kandi before the game was played and her response to the messy accusation was very shady, the "who gonna check me boo" reality star is definitely a top suspect. 

Marlo Hampton 

Marlo Hampton also had a bone to pick with Kandi going into the child’s birthday party (we can’t emphasize enough that this all took place at a toddler’s party). Viewers will recall Marlo was upset with Kandi because the singer had a lot to say about the launch of the new housewife’s clothing rental business and finances. Although the two seemingly talked things out and were able to move past this hiccup in their friendship, we know from the trailer that their relationship is still facing some rocky times ahead. 

So perhaps everything wasn’t good between the two on the day of the party and Marlo wrote the note as a way to retaliate. 

Kenya Moore

Kenya and Kandi hardly ever get into a disagreement, so her name as a suspect may shock quite a few. However, the former pageant queen should not be ruled out here. Kenya has a long history of stirring up conflict among her castmates. Remember, this whole idea to play the messy game was her idea. 

Also, was it us or was Kenya just a little too quick to dismiss Kandi’s desire to get to the bottom of the note? Kenya basically told her friend she wanted to move on from the topic in the interest of time. But was she hurrying the conversation along because she’s the one that wrote the note? It's possible Kenya wrote it as a joke and when she realized the joke wasn't going over well, she wanted to move on as soon as possible? 

Fans think they know who is responsible for the note about Kandi on The Real Housewives of Atlanta 

We weren’t the only ones trying to get to the bottom of this new RHOA mystery. Fans of the Bravo series shared their own suspicions.  

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Hopefully we'll find out who exactly wrote the note on an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. New episodes air Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo and are available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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