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THIS huge secret threatens to be EXPOSED in today's Neighbours

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The walls are closing in on Neighbours' Andrea Somers...

It looks like Andrea Somers' sneaky manipulation could be exposed in today's Neighbours as the mysterious Ian Packer arrives in Erinsborough.

The walls are starting to close in on Andrea, who has been worming her way back into Toadie's affections by pretending she is a reformed character and wants to make a fresh start and be a good mum to her kids.

But Neighbours fans know that it's all an act, and that Andrea is up to her old tricks, using poor Toadie to get closer to Hugo and Willow.

Neighbours, Willow Somers, Andrea Somers, Hugo Somers, Toadie Rebecchi

Andrea is slowly working her way back into Rebecchi family life... (Picture: Channel 5)

But while yesterday's trip to Ramsay Street saw Andrea's games threatened when her unhinged mother Heather arrived secretly in Erinsborough, there's another flaw in Andrea's plan when Ian turns up and starts hassling her.

Andrea is trying her best to play the part of the perfect mother, and has even landed herself a job at Lassiters in a bid to show Toadie she is a reformed character.

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But little does she know her mum is watching her every move from the bushes... all the while Andrea thinks she is still back at her flat in Geelong.

Just as it seems that Andrea's plan is working as Toadie asks his friends and family to go easy on Andrea, the compulsive liar is shocked when Ian turns up and threatens to ruin everything.

Neighbours, Andrea Somers, Ian Packer, Toadie Rebecchi

As far as Toadie knows, Ian is just the man who mistook Andrea for someone else at a market (Picture: Channel 5)

Clearly besotted by Andrea, Ian tells her that if she doesn't go for dinner with him then he will tell Toadie the truth about her games.

But while Andrea tries to firmly tell Ian where to go at first, he isn't taking no for an answer and follows her to Lassiters where she's working.

As the pair fight, Heather watches on... but as Ian threatens to spill the beans to Toadie, Andrea is just considering her answer when Toadie arrives and catches the pair together.

As Toadie confronts Ian, who in his eyes is the mystery man who mistook Andrea for 'Karen' all those years ago, how are Ian and Andrea going to explain this one without looking suspicious?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5