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Puppy School for Guide Dogs promo image featuring a smiling woman and a fluffy Labrador Retriever
Puppy School for Guide Dogs starts on TV tonight. (Image credit: Channel 5)

On TV tonight, the adorable new Puppy School for Guide Dogs starts, it's the last episode of The Power of Parker, and  Jane McDonald continues her travels in Japan. Here's what you shouldn't miss on TV Tonight.

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What's on TV tonight

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Puppy School for Guide Dogs, 8 pm, Channel 5

Expect plenty of cute puppies and handsome dogs with skill as well as cuddle factor, as this joyful series follows the special pooches’ journeys from birth to fully fledged guide-dog pros. Over four episodes, we meet the army of volunteers, breeders and trainers dedicated to raising them and encounter different people who have had their lives transformed by their guide dogs, including dad-of-two Nathan, who lost his sight at the age of 19. 

We see six-year-old golden retriever Ela, who is part of the Guide Dogs’ breeding programme and is poised to give birth to her second litter, and we also follow super-stud Trigger, who has fathered more than 300 pups! 

★★★★ TL

Jane McDonald: Lost in Japan, 9 pm, Channel 5

Jane McDonald in Japan for Jane McDonald: Lost in Japan

(Image credit: Channel 5)

If Japan is on your bucket list of places to visit then Jane’s solo tour to the Land of the Rising Sun makes for appetising viewing. She continues her trip in Tokyo where she explores some of the capital’s quirky offerings such as the world’s first robot-staffed cafe. Pepper, her personal waiter, makes small talk and dances on request. ‘This is going well for a first date,’ she jokes. 

Next is ninja school, where our host learns the art of being a warrior, before heading to paddy fields to grow rice. Sushi, matcha tea, a huge prawn cracker – with a fresh crustacean squished on top – and a puffer fish sake are consumed en route. Well, when in Japan... 

★★★★ MC

The Wheel of Time season 2, Prime Video

A hooded Rand al'Thor in The Wheel of Time season 2

(Image credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video)

The challenge of adapting Robert Jordan’s series of sprawling fantasy novels for both hardcore fans and new audiences was not a small one. But 2021’s first series just about managed to pull it off, and this eight-part second instalment draws us further into the rich world of beings who channel the One Power. 

After discovering he’s the long-prophesised Dragon Reborn last time out, Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowski) begins a new battle with the Dark One, yet for all his new tricks he might still need the help of his old mentor, Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike). The first three episodes are available from today. 


The Power of Parker, 9:30 pm, BBC One

Three's company in The Power Of Parker!

(Image credit: BBC)

Martin (Conleth Hill) thinks he’s sorted all of his financial problems, but he hasn’t accounted for two things – an unexpected visit from Sandy (Steve Pemberton)and the fact that Diane (Rosie Cavaliero) and Kath (Sian Gibson) are on their way to pull off a hostile takeover of Parker’s Electricals and leave him with nothing. 

Tonight’s finale is filled with the usual retro references and hilarious one-liners, but also features some lovely character moments. It all wraps up in a satisfying manner – but a second series would be very welcome… 

★★★★ SP

Best box set on TV tonight

Who is Erin Carter?Netflix

An episodic still from Who Is Erin Carter? showing Erin (Evin Ahmad) standing on a rooftop, holding her hands up while a man behind her is pointing a gun at her

(Image credit: Netflix/Left Bank)

Who Is Erin Carter? is an excellent question – and you’ll want to stick with this action-packed thriller to find out the answer! Erin (Evin Ahmad) is a Brit abroad, working as a teacher in Barcelona. But after Erin and her daughter Harper (Indica Watson) get caught up in a robbery in the supermarket and Erin expertly disarms one of the robbers with just the groceries she can lay her hands on, it’s clear she’s more than just a teacher. 

As word of her heroism spreads, people start asking awkward questions – and Erin gets deeper into trouble. The star-spangled cast also includes Douglas Henshall, Denise Gough, Susannah Fielding and Jamie Bamber. 

★★★★★ SP 

Best film on TV tonight

Tár, 8 pm, Sky Premiere

Cate Blanchett in TÁR

(Image credit: Focus Features)

As a world-renowned conductor, Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) is at the peak of her powers. She is revered and studied, with the classical music world in the palm of her hand. Increment by increment, though, her self-belief is chipped away in this extraordinary drama. 

Blanchett is astonishing as Tár, a complex, often cruel and selfish woman, whose determination to foster a relationship with a young cellist (Sophie Kauer) – even though she’s married with a daughter – and her flippant treatment of her assistant (Noémie Merlant) sees her past actions catch up with her. Writer-director Todd Field plunges us head first into a rarefied atmosphere, and the result is authentic, measured and true. 

★★★★ NP


Live Sport

  • EFL: Doncaster Rovers v Everton (Kick-off 8 pm), Sky Sports Main Event

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