You can now get the Disney Plus bundle without ads on Hulu

Disney+, Hulu and ESPN icons on Apple TV
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Today is the greatest day, for it is the day on which you can now get the Disney bundle — which includes Hulu and ESPN Plus for a single, discounted price — with no advertising.

The gist is this: for $19.99 a month you'll get Disney Plus' Marvel and Star Wars shows, new movies and their classic library, live sports on ESPN Plus and Hulu's large catalog of on-demand content (without advertising). That's a pretty significant saving — on their own you'd be talking $7.99 for Disney Plus, $6.99 for ESPN Plus and $12.99 a month for Hulu without ads. So we're talking a savings of $8 a month, or $96 a year, which is nothing to sniff at!

There's a tad bit of fine print here because there's always fine print. Points to note are:

  • The fine print starts with the fact that this Bundle doesn't come with any sort of free trial. What you see is what you're going to get.
  • Secondly is that there are exceptions to the no-ads rule on certain shows. The shows are subject to change, but currently, it's just Grey's Anatomy that has a short ad break before and after each episode. Even if you're paying for the ad-free experience, you'll see advertising. (You can find the list of excluded shows here.)
  • Lastly, if you want to sign up for the Disney Bundle with Hulu Plus Live TV, you have to buy it through the Hulu website.

But, apart from that? It's the best way to enjoy the Disney Bundle. 

And the whole thing is available on just about every major streaming platform you can find in the United States. That includes Roku, of course. It also includes Amazon Fire TV, which is the second-largest platform in the US. It also includes smaller setups like Apple TV, Android TV and Google TV, Chromecast, various smart TVs and some gaming consoles.

And there's still plenty more you can tack on after all that, including HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ. If you want everything under one roof, that's a great way to go.

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