Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy Midgeley cheats on Daniel?

Has Daisy Midgeley moved on?
Has Daisy Midgeley moved on? (Image credit: ITV)

Daisy Midgeley wants to make Daniel jealous in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Daisy Midgeley plans to go to an event at Daisy’s hotel where a top DJ is playing. Hoping to try and get him for the wedding she tells Daniel that she still wants to get married in May. When he’s less than enthusiastic about it being so soon she heads off to the event and flirts with the DJ, putting her number into his phone and posting pics of them together online.

Expecting the first drugs delivery, Jacob is stressed when a party of police officers arrive for a retirement party with their sniffer dog in tow. A crate of olive oil is delivered and Jacob manages to get the package out and leaves the Bistro. But when the sniffer dog barks at the crate, Craig heads for Jacob’s flat. Is the game up? Back In the bistro, Leanne and Ryan check through the rest of the delivery boxes wondering what on earth set the dog barking.

Jacob's delivery is interrupted by the police.

Jacob's delivery is interrupted by the police. (Image credit: ITV)

David is treading carefully around Max and Spider assures him that Max is a good kid and David just needs to have faith in him. Later, Max meets up with Lauren who tells him that she’s going to stay with her Mum in Devon and that he should come with her as they’re both public enemy number one. What will he decide?

Maria reopens the Peace Festival market in a bid to prove the community is united against Griff and his band of thugs. Councillor Len Cameron approaches Maria and tells her he’s organised a TV interview to talk about the attack. Maria, David, Toyah and Spider listen as Len tells the TV reporter that the current open door policies are clearly not working. Furious, Maria interrupts Len to tell the reporter that she vehemently disagrees and never has the community been more united.

Maria crosses swords with Len.

Maria crosses swords with Len. (Image credit: ITV)

Having taken Summer for her blood test, Mike and Esther drop her off at home. Leanne clocks Mike and realises he’s the drunken man who flirted with her in the bistro. She tells Billy who is deeply concerned and feels she needs to know the truth. How will Summer react?

Dee-Dee presents Alya with a care package to help her over her ordeal and begs her to return to the solicitors as she’s struggling without her. Alya admits she’d love to come back

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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