Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy Midgeley has a terrifying visitor

Justin has a surprise for Daisy Midgeley
Justin has a surprise for Daisy Midgeley. (Image credit: ITV)

Daisy Midgeley is shocked when Justin turns up at her door in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

The catering company advises Daisy Midgeley they are sending some wedding cake samples for her approval. At No.1, Daisy, Daniel, Ken, Jenny and Gemma assemble for the cake tasting but Daisy’s appalled when the samples are delivered by Justin. Daniel contacts his delivery firm to report his stalking but they refuse to take action without proof. Daniel admits to Ken he’s worried about Justin posing a risk to Bertie and Ken promises they will help Daisy through it.

Faye gets out her phone to tip off Carla when Stephen gathers the shareholders together and, arguing Carla isn’t fit to take the reins yet, declares they should hold a vote of no confidence. 

Dick Havisham arrives at Underworld and belittles Stephen for being incompetent. Carla summons Stephen to the office and gives him a rollicking for trying to oust her from the business.  Meanwhile, Elaine tells Stephen the Redbank apartment is outside her budget but, although she’s thrilled when he agrees to buy it together as flatmates, she secretly wishes they were moving in together as a couple. 

Later, Stephen makes a surreptitious phone call, saying he needs an urgent meeting…

Paul itches to get cracking back at the yard, but Ed asks him to take it easy for now and Paul’s mildly concerned when he struggles to tie his bootlaces. When he decides to cut down some panels using his left hand, Ed sees him narrowly avoid the saw’s spinning blade and brusquely orders him to go home. 

At home, Paul admits to Billy he hasn’t felt right since the accident and informs Gemma that he won’t be able to help her out with her gas bill. Ed regretfully tells Paul he can’t take him back on at the yard without the medical all-clear. Later, Billy and Dee-Dee convince Paul to sue Carla for negligence. 

Dee-Dee and Billy have some advice for Paul

Dee-Dee and Billy have some advice for Paul. (Image credit: ITV)

En route to his train, Faye confides in Sally that Jackson, her daughter’s father, has made contact asking if she wants to see them. She then goes on to say that she came to terms with never being a mother due to her menopause and doesn’t want to run the risk of stirring up her feelings by seeing Miley. 

Faye confides in Sally

Faye confides in Sally. (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Daryan informs Gary and Maria that his brother ended up in Nottingham, so the pair offer Daryan money for a trip there to hunt for him. Gary, Maria, Nina and Evelyn wave him off. 

Coronation Street continues on Thursday at 8pm — there will be no episode on Wednesday due to the Machester United v West Ham FA Cup football match being aired on ITV1 instead. 

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