Coronation Street spoilers: Is Audrey Roberts dead?

Audrey Roberts trips and falls to the ground.
Audrey Roberts trips and falls to the ground. (Image credit: ITV)

A tipsy Audrey Roberts takes a tumble in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Rita finds Audrey Roberts in the Rovers, enjoying her first drink of the day. Pointing out that she owns the barbers, Rita suggests it’s time Audrey went back to work.

David despairs as Audrey announces she’s returning to work, before cracking open the wine and flirting with Ryan who’s in for a trim. David asserts it’s time she went home, but as she heads for her coat, she trips over the Thai elephant, sending her sprawling across the floor. 

Arriving to find a tipsy Audrey playing table football with Ryan, Maria insists she go home but Audrey refuses. At her wit’s end Gail tries to talk some sense into her, but when she raises the subject of her drinking, Audrey hits the roof and announces she’s moving back home with immediate effect. 

Later at the barbers, Audrey staggers into the motorbike which falls and knocks her over. Alone in the barbers, Audrey cries out for help.

David despairs at Audrey's behaviour.

David despairs at Audrey's behaviour. (Image credit: ITV)

Trina conducts the first sex therapy session and urges Sally and Tim to gaze into each other’s eyes. Tim feels awkward and declares it a total con and a waste of time. Sally’s disappointed by his attitude but can she get him to agree to give it a go?

Tim struggles to take advice

Tim struggles to take advice. (Image credit: ITV)

David reaches a decision and tells Max that they won’t be paying the blackmailer and he’s to go to school and front it out. 

At the bus stop, Chris and Blake take the mickey out of Max, quoting his messages to Sonya. 

Max finds out the identity of his attackers.

Max finds out the identity of his attackers. (Image credit: ITV)

A despondent Maria tells Gary that the recycling collectors are going on strike because of the extra bins she set up and it’s all her fault. 

And, after a meeting with Adam, Peter angrily tells Carla that there isn’t enough evidence to bring Mr Thorne to justice and Carla reckons he should let it lie.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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