Coronation Street’ spoilers: Joseph Brown says goodbye

Will Chesney let Joseph Brown go?
Will Chesney let Joseph Brown go? (Image credit: ITV)

Chesney has second thoughts about letting Joseph Brown leave in tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

Linda calls at No.5 to collect Joseph Brown for school and Chesney admits to Gemma that it’s time he accepted that Linda can give Joseph a far better life in Portugal. Chesney bites the bullet and tells Joseph that he’s prepared to let him move to Portugal with his Granny, but Joseph’s inwardly gutted. 

Later, Chesney meets up with Linda in the Rovers and tells her that she can give him the life he deserves, and later she calls at No.5 and explains that owing to an emergency, she’s flying back to Portugal tonight. When Joseph asserts that he’ll go too, Chesney and Gemma reel in shock and how fast things are moving. 

Chesney’s adamant that he’s only got Joseph’s best interests at heart and, outside No.5, an emotional Chesney, Gemma, Bernie, Fiz, Hope and Ruby wave Joseph and Linda off in their taxi. Fiz calls at No.5 and urges Hope to tell Chesney what Joseph said and when Hope reveals that Joseph didn’t want to go to Portugal but felt they couldn’t afford to keep him, Chesney realises he’s made the worst decision of his life. 

A panicky Chesney and Gemma set off for the airport in pursuit of Joseph, but will they reach him in time? 

Joseph Brown says goodbye to his family and friends.

Joseph Brown says goodbye to his family and friends.  (Image credit: ITV)

Emma spies on Ted’s grandson, Jon, in Freshco’s car park as he collects the trolleys. Later, Jon calls in the Rovers looking for her and explains that he saw her watching him. 

Jon admits to Emma that he’s thought about her a lot since his Granddad’s funeral and suggests they go for a bite to eat. Over dinner in Speed Daal, Emma’s fascinated and it’s clear Jon is totally smitten. 

In the salon flat, Faye rails at Emma for going on a date with Jon, pointing out that Craig gave up his career for them. When Emma’s phone beeps with a text from Jon, what will she do?

Emma regrets seeking Jon out.

Emma regrets seeking Jon out. (Image credit: ITV)

Over dinner in the bistro, Toyah discovers an engagement ring buried in her pudding. She slips the ring on her finger and tells Imran she’s thrilled with it. 

Debbie takes Abi into the bistro office and having spoken to Kevin, gently explains that he wants her gone before he returns home. When Toyah shows off her engagement ring, Abi’s scathing and she’s taken aback.

Abi launches and attack on Toyah.

Abi launches and attack on Toyah. (Image credit: ITV)

In the factory, Sarah confirms that Lydia won’t be returning to work. Adam assures Carla and Daniel that he hasn’t slept with Lydia since his uni days but Carla and Daniel don’t believe a word. 

Later, Adam calls in the factory and does his best to convince Sarah that Lydia’s an evil fantasist, but Sarah’s disbelieving.

Will Sarah believe Adam?

Will Sarah believe Adam? (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Brian and Cathy return from their holiday in Cornwall and Brian tells Rita how he found a shop just like the Kabin but in a Cornish village, and he’s tempted to buy it. 

Due to FA Cup football being shown on Wednesday, Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30.

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