Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow arrested?

Peter Barlow has questions to answer
Peter Barlow has questions to answer (Image credit: ITV)

The police find Peter Barlow on a stolen motorbike in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Outside the garage, Peter Barlow tells Kevin and Abi how he bet Carla he could trade up from an onion bhaji to a motorbike by this evening so Abi hands him the contact details of a guy with a motorbike for sale. Benn calls at No.1 with the motorbike and Peter can’t believe his luck when he agrees to give him the bike in return for his tablet However, later Jess, the police officer asks Peter why he’s in possession of a stolen bike!

Carla tells Sarah that she can finish working on her designs in return for an apology. She then tells Stephen to resurrect the deal with Rufus and she’ll give him 15% commission and a permanent contract.  At Rufus’s hotel, he makes it clear he’s not interested but Stephen begs him to reconsider. Rufus then hands Stephen a vial of LSD and heads to the bathroom where he snorts a line of coke and suddenly collapses, clutching his chest. 

As the paramedics attend to Rufus, Carla calls Stephen wondering if he’s sealed the deal and he assures her it’s in the bag. As the paramedics wheel Rufus out, Stephen practices Rufus’s signature on the unsigned contract when he hears a knock at the door. A sex worker called Candice barges her way in and demands her money. Will this give Stephen an idea?

Stephen is desperate to seal the deal with Rufus

Stephen is desperate to seal the deal with Rufus. (Image credit: ITV)

Adam suggests to Sarah that now might be a good time to start trying for a baby. Later, she admits to Michael she doesn’t want another baby. 

Michael is shocked by Sarah's reveal

Michael is shocked by Sarah's reveal. (Image credit: ITV)

Dee-Dee calls at No.6 hoping to persuade Alya to return to work. Yasmeen admits that trade has been very slow and she’s had to turn the heating down in an effort to save money. When Yasmeen and Zeedan suggest to Alya that she needs to tackle her victim statement, she snaps at them to leave her alone.

Ed confirms that Brian’s flat needs rewiring and he’ll have to move out so Mary tells him he’s welcome to sleep on the sofa. As she helps Brian pack his things, she comes across the Gazette review of Roxanna and realises that Brian wrote the review himself.  Feeling cheated, she whacks him round the head with the Gazette and tells him to find somewhere else to stay!

Sean pines for Laurence so Todd tells him they’re going to spend the afternoon watching a movie in a bid to cheer him up. 

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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