Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow attacks Dr Thorne!

Peter Barlow's rage bolis over.
Peter Barlow's rage bolis over. (Image credit: ITV)

Peter Barlow takes matters in to his own hands in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings). 

As they await the verdict on Thorne from the GMC, Carla urges Peter Barlow to be grateful for his health and focus on their future. 

Later, Thorne meets Peter in the pub and orders him not to undo all his skilled work and embrace the second chance he has to live. As Thorne gets into his car Peter can no longer contain his rage and angrily confronts him. Will either man come out of the confrontation unscathed?

Peter Barlow is dragged off Dr Thorne.

Peter Barlow is dragged off Dr Thorne. (Image credit: ITV)

Maria reckons the police need informing about the threats she’s receiving. Despite Gary’s misgivings, she refuses to hide away and hosts a press conference. As she’s heckled by Jimmy, the refuse team leader, Gary decides that he’s behind the online alias making threats and aggressively pins him against the wall. 

Later, Maria decides that being on the council isn’t worth all the strife it’s putting their family through. Sally’s shocked to hear that she’s decided to withdraw from local politics and, explaining that she’s been in her position, implores her not to be beaten in her quest to make a difference. 

Will Maria be swayed? 

Gary defends Maria's honour.

Gary defends Maria's honour. (Image credit: ITV)

When George overhears Frank threatening someone over the phone, he makes a decision and finally explains to Sean how Frank made his school days a misery by humiliating him at every turn. Despite Frank’s insistence that he’s changed, Sean finishes with him.

Sean dumps Frank.

Sean dumps Frank. (Image credit: ITV)

Telling Leanne she intends to repay her the money for her legal bills, Toyah returns to work at Underworld. But with Toyah snapping at customers on the phone, Jo Lafoe warns Sarah that employing someone charged with murder isn’t a good look. 

Will Sarah fire her friend?

Fiz gets worked up ahead of a pre-wedding visit from Mimi as Hope kicks off about her bridesmaid dress and Fiz worries her veil is frayed. As Fiz asserts that everything needs to be perfect, Hope earwigs from the hallway. 

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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