Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah Platt CHEATS on Adam?

Sarah Platt has a drink with Damon.
Sarah has a drink with Damon. (Image credit: ITV1)

Sarah Platt has a drink with the enemy in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street at 8.00pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Nick finds Damon sitting at his desk and is horrified as he menacingly reminds him that he still has a financial interest in the business before revealing he’s hired a new solicitor who Nick might have heard of. Nick’s shocked and later fumes at Adam for agreeing to act on behalf of Damon. 

Horrified, Sarah Platt rows with Adam and announces that she’s off to the hotel he booked for their date night on her own. As Damon orders a drink in the hotel bar, Sarah parks herself next to him, unaware of who he is. Damon chats her up as she admits she’s had a row with her husband. Tipsy, Sarah invites Damon up to her room for a drink!

Peter’s stunned to find Stephen in charge at the factory and accuses the staff of stabbing Carla in the back. Stephen’s about to sign the American contract when Rufus appears and tells him to tear it up as he wants sole rights to Nippersnapper and if he doesn’t play ball, he’ll tell everyone how he’s been drugging Carla. Picking up the hole punch, a furious Stephen approaches Rufus!

Stephen needs to get rid of Rufus.

Stephen needs to get rid of Rufus. (Image credit: ITV1)

Jenny’s delighted when Daisy asks if she’d give her away at the wedding. Later, Amy tries on her bridesmaid’s dress, but when Daisy mentions the hen night, she panics and claims she won’t be able to make it. Glenda sets her sights on performing at the wedding and belts out songs behind the bar hoping to win Daisy round…

Evelyn calls in the café with Cerberus where Roy apologises for missing her birthday party and tells her about Carla’s problems. When Cerberus later shows no interest in his tea, Evelyn is concerned.

When Summer suggests it’s time Paul moved in, will Billy and Paul agree to give their relationship another go? 

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 8pm.

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