Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen DRUGS Carla Connor!

Carla Connor is unaware Stephen has laced her tea with LSD!
Carla Connor is unaware Stephen has laced her tea with LSD! (Image credit: ITV)

Desperate Stephen spikes Carla Connor’s cuppa in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Carla Connor calls a meeting with Sarah and Stephen and explains that Sarah is now Head of Design whilst Stephen will be Office Manager. 

Determined to have his revenge on Carla, Stephen slips into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD from Rufus’s briefcase and slips it into Carla’s coffee. Carla heads onto the factory floor, clearly discombobulated and woozy. In the Rovers, Stephen spikes her red wine with another vial and when Peter calls at the pub he immediately realises she isn’t well. She stares at the girls - her paranoia growing by the second and she’s helped out of the pub by Peter who is worried sick that her psychosis is returning. 

Meanwhile, Stephen sneaks into Carla’s office, deletes a meeting with Dick Haversham from her diary and muddles up her paperwork.

Marrium calls on Zeedan and tells him she can’t believe that he and Alya watched her Dad die in front of them as Zeedan begs her not to go to the police. Alya finds Marrium in the café and tells her that she’s as much to blame for her Dad’s death as Zeedan. 

Alya realises that Zeedan is sacrificing his relationship for her sake and tells him that she doesn’t need protecting and returns to work in the restaurant. At No.6, Zeedan tells Alya that whether she likes it or not, he’s sticking around as family must always come first.  

Zeedan puts family first

Zeedan puts family first. (Image credit: ITV)

Brian moves into the flat and does his best to bond with Amy’s uni mates and offers to do his Vernon Kay impression but Amy tells Summer that he’s driving her up the wall. 

Amy wants Brian gone!

Amy wants Brian gone! (Image credit: ITV)

Dee-Dee tells Paul they’re having a night out on the town but when Billy suggests they meet for a drink later, Paul agrees, despite his earlier promise and suggests to Dee-Dee they meet in the Rovers. In the pub, Dee-Dee witters on at Paul about her love life, but when Billy arrives, Paul’s face lights up. 

When Billy confides in Paul how appalled he was by Todd’s show of violence towards Mike, he masks his guilt. Elsewhere, Summer reveals that she’s had a conditional offer from Manchester University. 

David confides in Gail how worried he is about Max’s sentencing tomorrow. Meanwhile, Gary has a go at Maria for defending David but she insists that it’s not his fault. 

Adam assures Sarah that he understands her need for a career and they can talk again about babies in six months’ time.  

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm.

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