Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen Reid in horror crash!

Stephen Reid crashes his bike,.
Stephen Reid crashes his bike,. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen Reid loses control of his moped in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

A desperate Stephen Reid calls Six Fellas, the fast food company, and begs them to give him his job back. Making out to Gail that the call is about a business meeting, he hurries off, unaware he’s dropped his phone. 

In Bolton, the boss begrudgingly gives Stephen his job back but he’s accosted by teenagers who steal his delivery box, work phone and demand money. As Stephen spots Elaine approaching he attempts to race away on his moped but in his haste loses control and goes sprawling across the road. Will he survive the accident?

Stephen is mugged.

Stephen is mugged. (Image credit: ITV)

Todd tries again to explain how he was simply making sure that Laurence got home safely, but Sean’s disbelieving. Laurence approaches Sean in the hope they can talk things through but when Sean accuses him of copping off with Todd, Laurence is stunned. When Sean then finds out from Daisy that Todd is telling the truth, he’s gutted to think he’s blown it his chances. 

Has Sean lost Lawrence for good?

Has Sean lost Lawrence for good? (Image credit: ITV)

Maria meets with Munir and Daryan to discuss the refugee centre but they’re horrified when Griff and his entourage approach. As Griff confronts Maria, they show her the online petition that Max has set up and she’s shocked to see so many signatures. 

Griff stages a protest.

Griff stages a protest. (Image credit: ITV)

Summer and Aaron exchange guilty looks as Mike and Esther tell them they’ve redecorated the spare room for her. As Esther places her hand on Summer’s tummy, it’s too much and she rushes out. Will she tell the truth? 

Steve finds a scratchcard in Tim’s old jacket and discovers he’s won £250.  Tim’s livid, pointing out that both the jacket and money are his. 

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8.00pm.

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