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Doctors spoilers: EMERGENCY for Al Haskey...

Doctors spoilers, Al Haskey, Eve Haskey
Things take a dramatic turn for Al Haskey and his mum Eve on today's episode of Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Al Haskey (played by Ian Midlane) is pleased that he finally convinced his mum, Eve (guest star Rachel Bell) to come and stay with him in Letherbridge on Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

But on today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, the time has come for Al to take Eve back home.

However, things don't go quite as planned...

Meanwhile at The Mill, Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) remains concerned about Princess Buchanan (Laura White).

The trainee doctor's future career is on the line after all THAT blackmail business with surgery receptionist, Scarlett Kiernan (Kia Pegg).

Then there was the murder investigation into the death of Princess's fomer boss at Sutton Vale, Jacob Ashdown.

But when Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) wonders why Sid is worried about Princess, after all her previous bad behaviour, Sid gets snappish!

Is it possible that Sid still has romantic feelings for Princess?

Doctors spoilers, Maeve Ludlow, jimmi Clay

Jimmi has a romantic surprise for Maeve on today's episode of Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, it's not been a good time for surgery nurse, Maeve Ludlow (Clelia Murphy), after her past affair with Jacob Ashdown was EXPOSED during the murder investigation.

But Maeve's boyfriend, Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan), has been sticking by her side.

When Jimmi finds Maeve upset, following the SHOCK revelations about Jacob's death, he decides to try and put a smile back on her face.

With a SURPRISE romantic trip away!

But WHERE is Jimmi taking Maeve?

Doctors spoilers, Liam Walsh, Kyle Jessop

Sergeant Walsh brings in a teenage tearaway on Doctors. (Image credit: BBC)

Down at Letherbridge Police Station, Rob Hollins (Chris Walker) congratulates a highly respected colleague, Sergeant Liam Walsh (Colin Tierney, who has appeared in lots of TV dramas including Endeavour, DCI Banks and Cracker).

Sergeant Walsh is about to receive a commendation for his service to the police.

But ahead of the celebrations, things take a dramatic turn when Liam is out on patrol in a park and finds young mum, Naomi Ball (Kya Brame), who has been the victim of an acid attack...

Naomi, who is with her baby, is rushed to hospital.

But WHY does Liam stop in his tracks when he discovers the identity of Naomi's attacker, Kyle Jessop (George Hannigan, who appeared on The Larkins)?

Doctors spoilers, Naomi Ball

Young mum Naomi is the victim of an acid attack on Doctors... (Image credit: BBC)

Liam questions nasty Kyle and eventually gets a confession out of the lad.

But Rob is surprised when Liam later defends Kyle.

Is there something about Kyle that has triggered Liam?

Emma Reid (Dido Miles), who is on shift at the Police Station as a forensic medical examiner, notices Liam looking stressed-out.

While Rob is updating Emma about the case, suddenly they hear a SHOCK scream...

Doctors continues Monday to Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One. 

The episode is repeated at 7:00pm on BBC Two.

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