'Doctors' spoilers: Sid Vere goes SKYDIVING!

Doctors spoilers, Sid Vere
Sid Vere is determined to jump to the challenge on today's episode of Doctors! (Image credit: BBC)

Sid Vere (played by Ashley Rice) is reconnecting with his brother Laurence Richards (Rishard Beckett) on Doctors (1.45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Much to his alarm, Sid has agreed to do a skydive with Laurence, which his brother won as a prize.

Sid is super-nervous as the day of the skydive arrives.

But the medic doesn't want to let Laurence down, and also knows he still needs to get back in the good books of Laurence's adoptive mum, Eileen Richards (Rachel Atkins), after cancelling his plans with Laurence too many times in the past.

At the venue, Sid, Laurence and Eileen are greeted by instructor Ray Flask (Adrian Christopher).

But there's a LAST-MINUTE hitch when Laurence decides he's not feeling brave enough to make the jump!

So does this mean that Sid can safely call it quits too?

When Sid realises it will mean the world to Laurence to see him in action, he reluctantly agrees to go ahead with the skydive.

Let's hope Sid isn't completely afraid of heights!

Doctors spoilers, Karen Hollins, Maggie Lynch

Will Karen agree to Maggie's plan to win back Rob on Doctors? (Image credit: BBC)

Last week, Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) didn't take Maggie Lynch (Alison Belbin) seriously, when her friend suggested trying to make Karen's husband Rob (Chris Walker) jealous.

But things still aren't quite right between Karen and Rob in the bedroom after their recent marriage problems.

Mischevious Maggie introduces Karen to her actor friend, Victor Oliver (Graham Seed), and suggests that Karen should pretend to go on a date with Victor, in the hope that Rob will get jealous!

Victor is rather excited about his new "role".

But Karen is not falling for his charms and is annoyed with Maggie for gossiping about her private life to this complete stranger!

However, when Rob is too preoccupied yet again to pay Karen any attention at home, will she have a change of heart about Maggie's proposal?


Doctors spoilers, Luca McIntyre

Luca finds himself caught-up in a murder investigation on Doctors! (Image credit: BBC)

Surgery nurse Luca McIntyre (Ross McLaren) has an appointment to visit patient, Stefan Vannier.

But he's in for a SHOCK when a Detective Inspector Craig (Jonathan Tafler) reports that the patient has been found DEAD in suspicious circumstances!

Stefan's house is now under police surveillance as a crime scene!

As Luca sticks around to answer some questions about the deceased Stefan, the murder investigation begins to take a strange turn...

WHY doesn't Stefan's wife, Elizabeth (Sophie Duval) seem that fussed about his death?

Was Stefan in a SECRET relationship with his neighbour Joe Brasher (Adrian Richards).

And WHY does Karen's friend Maggie's actor friend Victor arrive at the crime scene pretending to be a doctor who works at The Mill??

How bizarre!

Doctors continues every Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.

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