EastEnders spoilers: Cindy Beale terror as a huge secret is revealed!

A close up of Cindy Beale looking shocked
Cindy Beale makes a shocking discovery! (Image credit: BBC)

Cindy Beale makes a desperate attempt to discover the truth in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Cindy Beale is concerned that Ian Beale is hiding something from her as he prepares to leave for his alleged leadership course in Manchester.

His son Peter Beale knows that Ian is spinning a tale and when Cindy looks at what Ian's packed she is alarmed.

Assuming that Ian's mum Kathy Beale is somehow covering for Ian, Cindy confronts her. Kathy gives Cindy short shrift and tells her to talk to Ian if she's worried.

In Beale's Eels, Cindy finds Ian and demands to know if he's having an affair. A horrified Ian reassures her that he's been faithful.

When Cindy makes another discovery, however, she thinks Ian's lying to her and she forces her ex George Knight to drive her to a mysterious address.

Bobby Beale sitting in the back of a van

Bobby Beale stows away in Martin Fowler's van! (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Peter finds out where Cindy has gone and he's determined to get to her. Borrowing Martin Fowler's van, Peter prepares to follow her.

When Bobby Beale finds out what Peter's up to, he insists on knowing the truth but a protective Peter won't tell him.

Wanting to get to the bottom of the mysterious goings on, Bobby hides in the back of the van before Peter sets off...

Laurel Branning with her arms folded looking at Junior Knight

Lauren Branning clashes with Junior Knight (Image credit: BBC)

Lauren Branning has bagged herself a job interview but she's bricking it, feeling very unsure of her skills. 

When the bailiffs turn up wanting payment for an old credit card debt, Lauren is rattled and wonders how she's going to get through the interview with so much on her mind.

Lauren later finds her son Louie playing footie in the Square with Junior Knight, Alfie Moon, and Alfie's son Tommy Moon, she's pleasantly surprised.

A comment by Junior about Louie's schooling leaves Lauren angry and Junior is taken aback when she storms off.

Anna Knight with her hands on her hips standing in Albert Square

Anna Knight agrees to a big night out with her friends. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Felix Baker arranges a night out with Gina Knight, Anna Knight and Freddie Slater.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.