EastEnders spoilers: Is Whitney Dean pregnant?

Whitney Dean takes a pregnancy test
Whitney Dean contemplates a pregnancy test. (Image credit: BBC)

Whitney Dean suspects she could be pregnant with Zack Hudson's baby in Monday's hour-long episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Whitney Dean has her 30th birthday coming up and housemates Finlay Baker and Felix Baker are determined to show her a good time!

The brothers convince Sam Mitchell to give them a good deal on hiring out Peggy's so they can throw her a fabulous bash.

While they get planning, Whitney has more on her mind than birthday celebrations... In the chemist she bumps into Stacey Slater as they find the shelf with the pregnancy tests!

With only one pack of two tests left in the shop, the ladies agree to share and take the tests together.

After heading over to Stacey's, they take the tests but before they can reveal their results to each other they are interrupted.

Whitney heads back home and is confronted with an excited Felix and Finlay, who reveal that they're throwing her a big party full of glitz and glam.

Trying to look enthusiastic, when the boys head off, Whitney tells Chelsea there's something she needs to tell her...

Chelsea is stunned as Whitney reveals that after only hooking up with Zack in November, she's going to have his baby!

Jack Branning visits Amy Mitchell in hospital

Jack Branning is horrified when Amy Mitchell is taken to hospital. (Image credit: BBC)

Jack Branning is on edge waiting to find out whether he's getting sacked from his job. He's been under investigation ever since daughter Amy Mitchell reported Jack for attacking her former boyfriend Denzel Danes.

With Amy in a state and full of guilt for putting her dad's career on the line, Jack's wife Denise Fox tries to reassure him.

Jack realises his huge mistake in being too over protective and banning her from seeing Denzel. In a bid to put things right, he visits Denzel's dad Howie Danes and asks him to let Denzel spend time with Amy again.

When Jack and Denise explain that Amy is getting lots of support following her recent troubles, Howie relents and agrees that the teenagers can spend time together.

After Denzel finds Amy in the cafe, they have a heart-to-heart and Amy cheers up no end. But she is about to spiral after their friend Nugget Gulati comes into the cafe and mistakenly says that Jack has lost his job.

At home, Amy is so distraught that she self-harms again. Jack and Denise are horrified to return home and find an injured Amy being loaded into an ambulance...

Fortunately, Amy's self harm injuries are treated in good time. A worried Jack sits by her bedside in the hospital as she sleeps. When she wakes, Jack is emotional, telling his daughter that he can't lose her.

Sonia Fowler struggles with her grief

Sonia Fowler struggles with her loss. (Image credit: BBC)

Sonia Fowler is still trying to deal with then news that she's lost her beloved grandma Dot Branning. Her ex-hubby Martin Fowler drops in to see if she's okay and offers to help plan the funeral.

When Dot's old friend, the Reverend Mills arrives to talk through what happens next, Sonia talks to her about how Dot's faith gave her a lot of comfort.

Reverend Mills reveals that she can hold Dot's funeral on Monday. Sonia is grateful when friends and family rally round to give Dot the send off she deserves.

Transmission day will be either Monday or Tuesday due to football. To be confirmed after the final group stage match on Friday 2 December. EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.