'EastEnders' spoilers: Janine Butcher is back in Walford!

Janine Butcher returns in EastEnders
Janine Butcher is back for her daughter Scarlett Butcher. (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher returns to Albert Square on a mission to get her daughter in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kat Slater is still with Scarlett Butcher and she prepares to tell her the truth that her 'friend' Tommy Moon is in fact her half-brother. Before she gets the chance everyone is stunned when Scarlett's mum Janine Butcher bursts in!

Janine has found out that her daughter is due to be moved to another foster home. Despite being an absent mum for far too long, she's decided that she wants her daughter back with her.

The hearing into Scarlett's care begins and a tricksy Janine makes an impassioned plea in a bid to get her daughter back. Despite her criminal ways she insists that she's redeemed herself over the years and will be a good mum to Scarlett from now on. Will Kat try to fight her?

Later, Janine turns up in Albert Square and waltzes into the Queen Vic, much to the surprise of the locals. It seems that she hasn't changed her ways at all when she wastes no time vindictively telling everyone exactly what she thinks of them!

Kat is left fuming after Janine's performance and it makes her more determined than ever to save Scarlett from her terrible mother.

Jean Slater invites Shirley Carter into the drugs den in EastEnders

Jean Slater shows Shirley Carter the secret drugs den! (Image credit: BBC)

Jean Slater managed to get rid of Martin Fowler pretty quickly to ensure that he didn't find out about the weed growing in her garage! When Martin gets back home to wife Ruby Fowler, she's in a panic, thinking that Jean has told her hubby about how she lied to make sure his ex Stacey Slater was jailed.

Martin, however, knows nothing about her deception and instead tells his wife that he's concerned that something is really wrong with Jean, as she was behaving very weirdly.

Back at the garage Jean has called Shirley Carter in desperation, telling her she doesn't know what to do to get rid of the incriminating drugs stash. Can Shirley help her out?

Gray Atkins talks to Shirley Carter in EastEnders

Gray Atkins left Shirley Carter reeling when he told her he'd seen her sister Tina Carter. (Image credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins continues his twisted plot to manipulate Shirley Carter. After claiming that he'd recently 'seen' her sister Tina Carter, it soon becomes clear what the murderer is up to - extortion!

With Shirley fretting over the text she supposedly got from a missing Tina where she was asking for cash, Gray tells Shirley that Tina needs money now more than ever.

Wracking her brains about how to get hold of some money, Shirley comes up with an idea and Gray is hopeful that his schemes will pay off...

Also, Linda Carter is feeling increasingly guilty about Rainie Highway, who is still desperately missing baby Abi after her granddad Max Branning took her away. But Linda knows that if Rainie and her husband Stuart Highway work out that she's carrying Max's baby, it could bring big trouble her way...

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7:35 pm.

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