EastEnders spoilers: Nugget Gulati is rushed to hospital after horror collapse!

Ravi Gulati crouches over a passed out Nugget Gulati.
Nugget Gulati is gravely ill as he's dashed to hospital after collapsing. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Nugget Gulati is in danger as he's rushed to hospital in Wednesday's second episode of EastEnders showing on BBC Two (8 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Avani Nandra-Hart bursts in to tell her mum Priya Nandra-Hart and grandad Nish Panesar that Nugget has passed out after he collapsed on the pavement outside while searching for his friend Denzel Danes.

While Nugget is in hospital and his devastated parents Ravi Gulati and Priya are at his bedside, Denzel goes to the tournament after some supportive words from Yolande Trueman and wins his match. 

Ravi Gulati talks to a nurse at the hospital.

Ravi Gulati privately tells the nurse about Nugget's drug-taking. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In the waiting room, Dr Miller informs Nugget's family that his kidneys aren't working properly and asks if he's been taking drugs, which they strongly deny. However, Ravi Gulati takes Dr Miller aside to share his suspicions about his son taking steroids after Zack Hudson voiced his concerns about Nugget's behaviour and wellbeing.

Ravi and Priya get into a heated argument about their parenting failures, but end up leaning on each other for support during Nugget's time of need.

Later on, Priya is shocked when Dr Miller returns to drop the bombshell that Ravi was right — Nugget has been taking steroids. How will she react to the catastrophic news?

Billy Mitchell cuddles Will Mitchell.

Billy Mitchell has a special bonding moment with his son Will Mitchell. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

At No.18, Billy Mitchell grows closer to his long-lost brother Teddy Mitchell when he asks for his advice on how to handle his struggling son Will Mitchell. Taking his words onboard, there's a breakthrough when Billy and Will have an emotional heart-to-heart. 

Billy thanks Teddy at the Vic, who makes a grand gesture of deferring to Phil Mitchell as the head of the family. Later on, Phil suggests a lock-in at The Boxing Den as a bonding session for the Mitchells. As Phil and Teddy warm to each other, Billy is bothered by their newfound friendship. 

EastEnders continues on BBC Two due to football on Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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