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EastEnders spoilers: Will Mick Carter discover Janine's lies?

Mick Carter helps Linda Carter
Mick Carter encourages Linda Carter to do some digging over the crash. (Image credit: BBC)

Mick Carter draws closer to discovering Janine Butcher's scheming in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick Carter is distracted with thoughts of his ex Linda Carter, who is worrying about whether she'll end up doing jail time. 

When Janine Butcher tries to flirt with him, it goes completely over his head, much to Janine's annoyance!

With Linda's court case over the crash where she was apparently drunk driving not too far away, he encourages her to go through exactly what happened as far as she can remember.

Things have been very hazy for Linda, and she has no idea that in fact Janine was at the wheel and moved Linda into the driving seat, knowing she'd be arrested.

Mick suggests that Linda go through her call logs to see if she used her phone on the night of the crash. It's not long before they discover she made a call to the Queen Vic.

Janine is alarmed, terrified that Linda will remember that she spoke to her and it will link Janine to the crash...

Is Janine's evil scheme to frame Linda finally going to be found out?

Martin Fowler confronts Howie Danes

Martin Fowler accuses Howie Danes' son of supplying drugs! (Image credit: BBC)

Martin Fowler is horrified to discover that Amy Branning collapsed after taking illegal drugs. With Amy rushed to hospital in a bad way, he questions Lily Slater over who gave the drugs to her friend.

The teens were supposed to be having an innocent day out at the cinema with Square newcomers Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati. 

But instead Amy decided to pop one of the pills that Lily stole from Jada Lennox, who was put in charge of the drugs bought by Stuart Highway after he freaked out over his PND diagnosis.

After being stuck on the stall waiting anxiously for news over whether Amy is going to be okay, Martin storms over to the Fox household. He takes Howie Danes to task, accusing his son Denzel of giving Amy the drugs.

Will he find out the truth that Lily was in part to blame?

Stuart Highway is upset in the GP surgery

Stuart Highway has a freak out in the surgery! (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Stuart Highway is still in a real state in the GP surgery. He's thrown away his prescription for antidepressants and is completely distraught.

Bernie Taylor tries to calm him down as the situation in the surgery escalates. She apologises to him for not realising that he had post natal depression and for helping his wife Rainie Highway leave the Square with their baby son Roland.

After all the trauma he's been through recently with his breast cancer, this latest diagnosis is one thing too many. He's finding it impossible to accept and he insists that he's been misdiagnosed.

Can he come to terms with the truth and be able to move forward?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.