Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle works out the TRUTH — but what will she do?

Charity Dingle looks at Chloe and Mack in the hospital through a window
Charity sees Mack and Chloe with baby Reuben and suddenly realises her husband is the newborn's dad. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle learns her husband Mack's baby secret in Thursday's episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

So Mack's being totally weird and his wife Charity doesn't know what's got into him. But she's about to find out… 

With baby Reuben, who's contracted meningitis, still very unwell in hospital, Mack is going out of his mind with worry. 

Not that he can share his stress with his wife, of course, as she doesn't know he had a much-regretted one-night stand with Chloe Harris, who gave birth to his son on Mack and Charity's wedding day.


Chloe gave birth to Mack's secret son… (Image credit: ITV)


… while he got married to duped Charity. (Image credit: ITV)

As stressed-out Mack ghosts his wife and talks things through with his in-the-know best mate Nate, he comes to the conclusion he's just got to go to the hospital even though he and Chloe have vowed to steer clear of each other.


Nate knows everything and urges Mack to visit to the hospital to see how his poorly son is getting on. (Image credit: ITV)


Mack and Chloe's baby has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and may have a bleed on the brain. (Image credit: ITV)

Mack and Chloe are together when the consultant shares fantastic news. Reuben is showing no signs of brain damage and will be OK.


After Chloe and Mack learn Reuben will be OK, they're sat with their son unaware that Mack's clueless wife Charity has arrived to celebrate the good news… (Image credit: ITV)

As the great news filters back to the village, Charity and Chloe's sister Amy decide to pay a surprise visit to the hospital.

Uh oh.

Unaware that his wife is on the way, Mack's thrilled when Chloe asks if he wants to hold his son.

As Charity clocks the tender scene through the window, in an instant she realises that the man she has just married is the father of Chloe's child.


Charity's utterly floored to realise Mack's fathered Chloe's child and that she hadn't a clue. (Image credit: ITV)

How will Charity handle the brutal bombshell?

There are shocks over at the vets' too when Rhona walks in to find Tom King, who's a qualified vet, operating on Zak Dingle's dog Monty!


At the vets', Rhona is stunned when she finds Tom King operating on the Dingles' dog Monty! (Image credit: ITV)

At Home Farm, Caleb's about to show Kim just how ruthless he can be — and she's here for it.

When he stuffs up on the land they're trying to buy to start their stud farm, Kim's not impressed and starts talking about severing their partnership.


Caleb shows Kim Tate just how low he is prepared to go to get what he wants – but she doesn't know the half of it! (Image credit: ITV)

But Caleb's given an idea when he realises his sister-in-law's farm borders Home Farm. 

Knowing farmer Moira is struggling to keep the business afloat, he tells Kim he's willing to double-cross his own family so they can get their mitts on the land.

Elsewhere, Paddy takes strong steps on his road to recovery when he heads out of his comfort zone and attends a Man's Club away from the village.


Paddy makes strides in his recovery when he attends a Man's Club away from the village. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV see our TV Guide for full listings.

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