'Emmerdale' spoilers: Meena Jutla leaves Manpreet and Vinny to be gassed alive

Serial Meena Jutla gasses her hostages Vinny and Manpreet.
Serial Meena Jutla gasses her hostages Vinny and Manpreet. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Meena Jutla takes her final revenge in Wednesday's episode (ITV, 7.00pm - see our TV Guide for full listings).

Having warned hostages Manpreet and Vinny that the end is nigh, serial killer Meena Jutla has just one more thing to do.

Determined to snuff out her sister and Vinny Dingle, who is now patently aware the nurse is a serial killer, Meena drives the Dingle van into the barn.

Vinny and Manpreet are utterly horrified as the nurse then steps out of the driver's seat, leaves the engine running, and exits the farm building as toxic exhaust fumes pump into the air.

Barring the barn doors shut, Meena is thrilled at her cunning and excited by the thought of her kill count notching up from four to six…


Meena is about to kill Vinny Dingle and her sister Manpreet. (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, in the village, Mandy Dingle thrown when she learns Vinny never showed up for his prison visit with Liv. 

Knowing her son would never let Liv down, the beautician starts to panic about where Vinny's disappeared to…

Mandy Dingle

Mandy's worried about Vinny who's disappeared. (Image credit: ITV)

At Tug Ghyll, Tracy braces herself for a tough conversation with her ex, Nate.

Knowing it's going to break the farmer's heart, Tracy reveals she's been offered a job in Nottingham and is planning move there with Frankie.

It's the fresh start the single mum needs but Nate's aghast.

Angry, he wrongfoots Tracy by doubting her ability to cope in a new city away from the help and support of her friends and family.


Tracy braces herself to tell Nate she's been offered a job in Nottingham and is planning to move there with their baby daughter Frankie. (Image credit: ITV)


Nate reels at Tracy's bombshell news. (Image credit: ITV)

It's a cruel blow for Tracy who's worked hard to regain her confidence following her bout of post-natal depression.

Crushed by Nate's words, Tracy crumbles and abandons the idea of the move.

When guilty Nate realises the harm he's done – on top of ruining their relationship with his cheating – will he put it right?

Will Tracy and Frankie leave Emmerdale?


When Nate crushes Tracy's fragile confidence will the guilty farmer put things right? (Image credit: ITV)

At the HOP, Jai and Kim discuss the enormous fine they've received relating to the catastrophic survival challenge. 

And Billy runs into Leyla who's thrilled when he asks her to plan his wedding to Dawn!


Jai and Kim have been landed with a hefty fine related to the catastrophic survival challenge. (Image credit: ITV)


Leyla's thrilled as Billy asks her to plan his wedding to Dawn. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.00pm on ITV.

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