Hollyoaks spoilers: MAYHEM! Vicky Grant collapses at a secret party!

Vicky Grant collapses when a party gets out of control in Hollyoaks.
Vicky Grant collapses when a party gets out of control in Hollyoaks. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

There is mayhem and panic when teenager Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) collapses during a secret party in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

The teenagers have got together and decided to throw a special party for Vicky, who arrived in the village last year to live with foster parent, Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams).

Vicky is now planning to move back to her mum's house in Margate. 

Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) has come up with the idea of a camping trip away for all of them so they can have a proper party out of the sight of all parents.

Scott Drinkwell and Vicky who he has fostered in Hollyoaks.

Vicky Grant first arrived in Hollyoaks last year when she was fostered by Scott Drinkwell (above).  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Charlie, Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer), Shing Lin (Izzie Yip), Vicky and her boyfriend DeMarcus Westwood (Tomi Ade) and Leah Barnes (Ela-May Demircan) all get ready to pack their bags for their night out in the woods. 

With no adults aware of their plans, the teens cook up some cunning lies about where they’re going and start to gather booze for the party.

Charlie Dean in Hollyoaks.

Charlie Dean (above) has masterminded the secret party which will involve camping in the woods.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Dad Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson), is not convinced when his son Charlie pretends to be sick so he can secretly sneak off.

However when Darren extracts the truth, Charlie manages to persuade Darren to let him go camping with the rest of the crew.

Meanwhile, Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) has some questions for DeMarcus when he makes a discovery.

DeMarcus and Felix Westwood in Hollyoaks.

Felix (right) has some questions for his son DeMarcus in Hollyoaks.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Plus, Vicky is embarrassed when Leah notices the condoms tucked inside her bag. 

The discovery leads to an awkward conversation between Vicky and DeMarcus on the subject of sex. 

Are they ready to take the next step in their relationship? 

Just as the group is getting really excited about their night away, there’s disappointment when the bus taking them there is cancelled. 

Leah decides to steal her dad, Ste Hay’s (Kieron Richardson) cleaning van and Shing Lin offers to be the driver. 

Shing-Lin in Hollyoaks.

Newcomer Shing-Lin offers to step in and drive the group to the campsite when they're let down by the bus.  (Image credit: Lime Pictures )

Once they’ve arrived and set up their tents, two older boys stumble across their campsite and ask to join in the party. 

The boys offer to give them weed in return for alcohol. 

At first the teens aren’t sure, but Leah convinces the group to let the boys stick around. 

Meanwhile, back in the village Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) is livid when she finds out the truth and realises the teenagers have concocted a plan. 

She is adamant they should interrupt the party and remove their son, Charlie, however Darren convinces Nancy to let Charlie stay.

In the meantime Darren tries to distract Nancy with some alone time…

Nancy is furious when she realises Darren allowed Charlie to go!

Nancy is furious when she realises Darren allowed Charlie to go!  (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

However, things are spiraling out of control at the campsite. As the partying ramps up a gear, Vicky suddenly collapses!

And it’s not long before parents, Scott, Ste and Felix realise that their children are all missing! 

Will they be able to track them down and what will happen to Vicky? 

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