90 Day Diaries season 3: next episode, cast and everything we know about the reality series

Danielle Jbali on 90 Day Diaries
Danielle Jbali on 90 Day Diaries (Image credit: TLC)

Believe it or not, another 90 Day Fiancé is on the air. 90 Day Diaries season 3 is now available for those who can’t enough of some of their favorite personalities and couples. 

In this new season of the series, fans get to see if the relationship between Asuelu and Kalani is actually progressing in the right direction, or if their different ideas on their marital roles are continuing to plague the marriage. Viewers also gain a little more insight into the conversations Kenny and Armando are having about the next steps to expand their family. For those interested in Angela’s continued cosmetic transformation, it appears TLC’s resident yeller (and sometimes human bullhorn) is sharing what kind of work she’d like done next. 

Here’s what we know about 90 Day Diaries season 3.  

When is the next 90 Day Diaries season 3 episode?

90 Day Diaries season 3 premiered Monday, March 21 at 9 pm ET/PT on TLC. New episodes premiere every Monday at the same time, after a new episode of 90 Day: The Single Life.  

Fans of the show will want to pay attention to the fact that the next episode airs Monday, May 16, at 10 pm ET/PT after a special two-hour episode of 90 Day: The Single Life. The all-new episode is titled "It Takes Two to Tango." Here is the synopsis: 

"Tom isn't giving up on his marriage plans. Danielle reveals big news to her kids. Anny tries to convince Robert of a more permanent solution to birth control. Caesar turns 50. Kyle and Noon have babymaking on their minds."

Here's a sneak peek of tonight's episode.  

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90 Day Diaries season 3 cast 

Elizabeth and Andrei 90 Day Diaries season 3

(Image credit: Elizabeth Potthast/TLC)

A part of what distinguishes 90 Day Diaries from other shows of the franchise is that the series pivots between numerous personalities and couples from across the 90 Day universe. So there aren’t seven couples or six singles that viewers follow from beginning to end during the course of a season.

As such is the case, TLC has been nice enough to provide a photo gallery via the TLC site of who fans can expect to catch up with on 90 Day Diaries.  

How to watch 90 Day Diaries season 3

Fans in the US are able to watch 90 Day Diaries season 3 live on TLC.  However, audience members in the UK, or those in the US who won’t be tuned into TLC, will have a chance to watch episodes as they become available on Discovery Plus with a subscription.  

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