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Does Paramount Plus have live sports?

Champions League on CBS All Access
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We know Paramount+ will have movies. We know it'll feature some of the best series on TV. (Check out our list of the best shows on Paramount+.) We know Paramount+ has great new exclusives. And, yes, Paramount+ has live sports. And then there's film. We've already nailed down the best movies on Paramount+.

If you're familiar with CBS All Access — the predecessor to Paramount+ — then you likely already know what to expect. You'll get a fair amount of pre- and post-event coverage for events like The Masters golf tournament, and fantasy football.

But Paramount+ also will have the full fixture of games from the UEFA Champions League, which pits the best football clubs in Europe against each other. Same goes from the UEFA Europa League, which is the competition for everybody who didn't make it into the Champions League. (And I'd argue it has a cooler name.) There's also the UEFA Women's Champions League, and the National Women's Soccer League in the United States.

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And you also can use watch the NFL on Paramount+ on your local CBS affiliate, so you can watch whatever regional NFL game is on each week. (Once the NFL is back in season, of course.) And as a reminder, you can sign in to Paramount+ with an existing cable subscription to stream CBS, which is nice. But if you want the full slate of on-demand content and live sports, you'll need to pony up for a full subscription. (And that includes if you want to watch the best shows on Paramount+.)

The Paramount+ price runs nearly the same as CBS All Access before it. It'll cost $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year) for the full service, without advertising on the on-demand content. (CBS All Access subscribers who make the switch will keep their current rates.) In June 2021, a $4.99-a-month option became available, but it will include advertising and will not include access to the live stream of your local CBS affiliate.

And the Paramount+ free trial means you'll be able to watch live sports free for a week before being charged, which is very cool. 

Paramount+ also will be available on the same devices, which means most major streaming platforms. So you'll be able to watch Paramount+ on Roku, or watch it on Amazon Fire TV. There's also an app for Apple TV and Android TV, or the newer Google TV.

You'll still be able to watch Paramount+ via a web browser, or with Chromecast or AirPlay, and it's also available on a number of smart TV platforms, too.

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