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The CW added several new shows to its fall TV lineup like The Spencer Sisters and Sullivan's Crossing, and it also gave a popular reality series a new lease on life. FBoy Island is returning for a third season on the network and that means lots of sun and drama in a beautiful tropical paradise. 

The network also gave the green light to a spinoff, FGirl Island, that will premiere at some point in the 2023-2024 TV season. 

Here's what we know about FBoy Island season 3. 


Watch FBoy Island season 3 

FBoy Island is available to stream on The CW app.

We don't have any details about a premiere date in the UK but as soon as one is available we'll have it for you here. 

Fboy Island season 3 episodes

FBOY Island season 3 episode 1: "This Is Gonna Be A Good Season"
"BROCEDE WITH CAUTION – Hali, Daniella, and former Bachelorette Katie meet the Fboys and Nice Guys, who battle it out to make the strongest first impressions. An unexpected announcement has the guys on edge."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 2: "I Care, Bro"
"From awkward make-outs to a sexy striptease, the dates are in full swing. But with love comes jealousy and Marco's mouth runs wild in all the wrong directions. And the game is proving tougher than the men imagined, leading to tearful goodbyes."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 3: "Bro Stole My Eggs"
"A foam party takes a turn with the arrival of three new competitors; Katie and Vince's relationship is tested; Hali receives some shocking news and fights her way through an explosive elimination."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 4: "Game Over"
"An FBoy makes a stunning announcement that sends shockwaves throughout the house; as the ladies start to develop feelings, the FBoys and the nice guys are forced to scramble to stay in the game."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 5: "I Know I Love You"
"After Hali, Katie and Daniella send home three nice guys, Nikki surprises them with a deep dive into their social media secrets; the Fboys begin to spiral as the Ladies press them for honest answers."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 6: "F, Marry, Ghost"
"Douchetank returns but leaves a mess of emotions and accusations on the island; when the FBoys think they've perfected a game of sabotage, they leave the ladies anxious to eliminate."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 7: "You're Joking, Right?"
"The oven gets set to broil as cupcakes go missing and tensions flair; the women try to weed out more FBoys, but the game takes a revealing turn and hearts get broken."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 8: "The Secrets are Out"
"After a dramatic FBoy status reveal, the ladies go on awkward group dates with their guys to figure out if they can trust them with their hearts; Katie is brought to tears as she struggles with her decision of who to take into the final two."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 9: "Most Vulnerable Player"
"The ladies are shocked at what they hear, leaving their top two in jeopardy heading into the finale."

FBOY Island season 3 episode 10: "I Was Just Playing the Game"
"After their final dates, Daniella, Hali and Katie must choose between their final two and decide their own fates."

FBoy Island season 3 plot

Curious about FBoy Island? Here's the official series synopsis from The CW: "FBoy Island follows three women who move to a tropical paradise where they’re joined by 26 men—13 self-proclaimed 'Nice Guys' looking for love, and 13 self-proclaimed 'Fboys,' there to compete for cold, hard cash. The women will navigate the dating pool together with the hope of finding a lasting love connection. By the finale, all will be revealed: who is a Nice Guy, who is an FBoy, who the women ultimately choose, and who walks away with the prize money. FBoy Island is a social experiment that asks: Can FBoys truly reform or do Nice Guys always finish last?"

FBoy Island season 3 cast

Only a few casting details have been released at this point. Nikki Glaser, one of the series' executive producers, returns to host the show. 

Per Variety, the only confirmed contestant thus far is former Bachelorette Katie Thurston. Thurston initially debuted as one of the women vying for Matt James' affection on The Bachelor season 25, and later she led her own season of The Bachelorette. After several failed relationships, she's coming to FBoy Island in hopes of finding "the one."

We'll add more information about the rest of the contestant as it becomes available.  

FBoy Island season 3 trailer

Here's the trailer for FBOY Island season 3:

How to watch FBoy Island season 3

FBoy Island season 3 airs this fall on The CW, with new episodes airing each week. If you don't have cable, you can watch The CW with a subscription to live streaming TV services such as FuboTV, Hulu Live with TV and YouTube TV. Additionally, new episodes will be available to stream the day after they air on The CW app

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