Sullivan's Crossing: cast, trailer and everything we know about the Chad Michael Murray series

Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones, Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Scott Patterson as Harry Sullivan in Sullivan's Crossing
Chad Michael Murray, Morgan Kohan, and Scott Patterson in Sullivan's Crossing (Image credit: Michael Tompkins/Freemantle)

Amid The CW restructuring, several new shows like Sullivan's Crossing and The Spencer Sisters were added to the fall lineup along with CW staples like Superman & Lois and All American.  

In the case of Sullivan's Crossing and The Spencer Sisters, the series both come from CTV, so if they seem familiar it's because they've already aired for Canadian audiences. Per Deadline, Sullivan's Crossing has already been renewed by The CW and CTV for a second season.

"We can't wait to bring Sullivan's Crossing to our viewers this fall, and we are so confident that audiences are going to fall in love with it that we have committed early to a second season," said Brad Schwartz, president of Entertainment at The CW. "As partners for season two, we cannot wait to work alongside this talented cast and excellent creative team to deliver another emotionally captivating season. Audiences can give their hearts to this show knowing that it is coming back for much, much more."

Here's what we know about Sullivan's Crossing.  

Next episode of Sullivan's Crossing 

Sullivan's Crossing airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. New episodes will be available to stream on The CW app the following day. 

The next new episode airs December 6 and is titled "Sins of the Father." Here's the episode description: "Maggie returns to Boston prepared to face the consequences of her actions, while Cal attempts to reconcile with his past. But just when Maggie thinks life finally might be returning to normal, a secret is revealed." 

Sullivan's Crossing episodes

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 1: "Coming Home"
"When neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan’s (Morgan Kohan) seemingly perfect life in Boston is turned upside down, she leaves the city and her boyfriend Andrew (Allan Hawco) to return to her childhood home of Sullivan’s Crossing, a picturesque Nova Scotia campground owned by her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Scott Patterson) whom she hasn’t seen in years. While there, Maggie attempts to reunite with her father as well as her old friends as she butts heads with Cal Jones (Chad Michael Murray), the irritating, yet handsome mysterious stranger who has been helping her father around the campground. But coming home isn’t easy and it brings up memories and feelings Maggie is not ready to face." 

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 2: "Homewrecker"
"Neurosurgeon Maggie sees Cal in a new light after they must work together to help an injured resident then spend time together at karaoke. In the meantime, Edna goes the extra mile to help an LGBTQ2S+ couple find romance."

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 3: "Detours"
"Sydney attempts to cheer up Maggie after she suffers a setback back at home. In the meantime, the Crossing's annual land blessing is thrown into disarray when one of the campers goes missing."

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 4: "Rock and a Hard Place"
"Maggie and Cal work against the clock in a daring medical rescue and, in the process, discover a clue to the whereabouts of the missing camper. Maggie learns a little more about Cal's past while Sully receives disturbing news." 

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 5: "Pressure Drop"
"Maggie makes a difficult decision after Sully lets his temper get the best of him." 

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 6: "Boiling Point"
"Sully tries to hold things together at Sullivan's Crossing, while Maggie attempts to navigate complications back in Boston, Massachusetts."

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 7: "Second Chances"
"After receiving some unfortunate news, Maggie returns to Sullivan's Crossing with Andrew, where Sully tries to put things right between them. Later, Maggie attempts to share her love for the Crossing with a reluctant Andrew."

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 8: "Aftershock"
"Maggie continues to deal with the fallout of Andrew's visit; Cal tries to help Maggie deal with her emotional baggage; after Maggie's medical skills are put to the test with a distressed climber, Cal decides to return the favor." 

Sullivan's Crossing season 1 episode 9: "Can't Help Falling"
"Maggie's medical training is put to the test as she races against the clock to save the life of a friend."

Sullivan's Crossing plot

Here's the synopsis of Sullivan's Crossing from The CW: 

"Maggie Sullivan (Morgan Kohan) is a star neurosurgeon who seemingly has it all, until her business partner is indicted for fraud and she finds herself charged with negligence. Looking to distance herself from the fallout, Maggie decides to leave Boston and return to her childhood home of Sullivan's Crossing, a rustic and remote campground set against the stunning coastline still run by her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Scott Patterson). There, Maggie rekindles old friendships and builds new ones with the local residents, including a handsome newcomer, Cal Jones (Chad Michael Murray), who only serves to complicate her life further. As Maggie works on clearing her name and reputation, she is forced to confront her painful past, as she attempts to reconnect with a side of herself she had long forgotten."

Sullivan's Crossing cast

Morgan Kohan plays Maggie Sullivan. Kohan is known for her work in When Hope Calls, Batwoman and Transplant. She's also starred in a number of TV movies including A Whirlwind Wedding, A Romance Wedding and Love on Harbor Island

Chad Michael Murray, who plays Cal Jones, might be best known for his roles in One Tree Hill and Riverdale, but he's recently made a splash in Hallmark Channel and Great American Family movies like Angel Falls Christmas, Sand Dollar Cove, Too Close for Christmas and Love in Winterland.

Scott Patterson plays Harry "Sully" Sullivan, but to Gilmore Girls fans he's better known as Luke Danes. He's appeared in a number of projects including The Event, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Con Man.

The series also stars Tom Jackson (Cold Pursuit), Andrea Menard (Blackstone), Lindura (Return to the Gorge), Amalia Williamson (Northern Rescue), Reid Price (From), Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle), Lynda Boyd (Virgin River), Peter Outerbridge (Lucky Number Slevin) and Lauren Hammersley (Mr. D).

Sullivan's Crossing trailer

Here's the trailer for Sullivan's Crossing:

How to watch Sullivan's Crossing

Sullivan's Crossing will air on The CW, which is available through a cable TV subscription. If you've cut the cord to traditional cable, you can find The CW on several live TV streaming services including FuboTV, Hulu Live with TV and YouTube TV. New episodes become available to stream on-demand the day after they premiere on the free and easy-to-use The CW app

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