Fire Island — release date, cast, plot, trailer and all about the movie based on a Jane Austen classic

Fire Island is a rom-com with a Jane Austen twist on Hulu and Disney Plus.
Fire Island is a rom-com with a Jane Austen twist on Hulu and Disney Plus. (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Take a trip to Fire Island on Disney Plus and Hulu as it tells the story of two gay best friends as they set off on vacation to the legendary Fire Island in the US. Starring Face/Off star Margaret Cho as the resort host, this modern tale is inspired by the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice. it follows best mates Noah and Howie, played by Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang, head to the island resort, which is a famous haunt for the gay community, for a week’s vacation complete with vast amounts of cheap wine and an eclectic bunch of friends. And Noel even finds his very own Mr Darcy (Conrad Ricamora). 

Talking about making the movie, its writer and lead star Joel Kim Booster revealed: “It’s something that weighs on me really heavily, the responsibility of making, first off, a good and honest movie and something that felt authentic and real to the gay experience. I’m so grateful that this movie is going to be seen by so many people and, in that way, hopefully, will help queer kids who see themselves in these characters to feel good and affirmed.” 

So here's all you need to know about Fire Island arriving on Disney+ and Hulu for summer fun in 2022 as part of the channels' celebration of Pride Month this June...

Fire Island is a com-com with a twist coming to Hulu and Disney Plus.

WiIl it be a happy holiday on Fire Island? (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Fun times Fire Island...but will there be romance too?

Fun times on Fire Island...but will there be love and romance too? (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Fire Island release date  

Fire Island premieres on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in the UK on Friday, June 3 2022 so get set for all the fun and romance. 

Is there a trailer for Fire Island? 

Yes and the Fire Island trailer looks fabulous! It shows the group of friends excitedly arriving on Fire Island, welcomed by host Erin, played by Margaret Cho. We see Noah first clap eyes on his Mr Darcy, before the group embraces the island’s party vibe and follows the tradition of wearing very little clothing.   

Fire Island plot 

Fire Island sees gay best friends Noah (Joel Kim Booster) and Howie (Bowen Yang) take a trip to The Pines, a hamlet on New York’s Fire Island that’s a hotspot for queer culture. As they party with friends they meet two other, wealthier, holidaymakers Will (Conrad Ricamora) and Charlie (James Scully) and flirtations reach fever pitch. But not all the vacationers are pleased to see the arrival of the ragtag bunch. 

“I want people — especially gay men, especially queer people — to walk away from the movie happy that they’re gay,” Joel Kim Booster revealed. “I think there are so many movies about the gay experience that are fraught with people who are unsure if they’re happy being gay or struggling with coming out. I want people to come away from this movie feeling the joy of our experiences and that it’s not all tragic. There are many of us out here living our lives joyfully.”

It's Karaoke time on Fire Island!

It's Karaoke time on Fire Island! (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Fire island cast 

The Fire Island cast is headed up by writer and actor Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang, who play Noah and Howie. Booster has appeared in the TV series Sunnyside, Santa Inc. and Big Mouth while Yang has been in The Outs, The Other Two and The Lost City and has had various roles on Saturday Night Live

Margaret Cho, star of Face/Off, Sex and the City, The Flight Attendant, All American Girl and 30 Rock plays the group’s enthusiastic host Erin. How To Get Away With Murder star Cornad Ricamora plays Will, while You star James Scully is Charlie. Nick Adams (Sex & the City 2), Tomas Matos (The Marvelous Mrs Maisel) and Matt Rogers (I Love That For You) also star. 

Joel Kim Booster (at front) write and stars in Fire Island.

Joel Kim Booster (as Noah sitting at front) wrote and stars in Fire Island. (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Bowen Yang as Howie, on vacation on Fire Island.

Bowen Yang as Howie, on vacation on Fire Island. (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Where is Fire Island? 

Fire Island — especially The Pines and Cherry Grove areas — has often been referred to as America’s first gay and lesbian town and ever since the 1920s has provided a refuge for holidaymakers looking to embrace its liberal attitude. The island is just off New York’s Long Island and in summer its year-round population of 310 swells dramatically thanks to its pine forests, sand dunes and carnival atmosphere. Each year the area boasts its Invasion of the Pines drag queen parade in June and all-night party Pines Party in July.

Fire Island is a resort on Long Island, New York.

Fire Island is a resort on Long Island, New York, with plenty of wildlife wandering around. (Image credit: Getty)

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