Fred’s Last Resort season 1 — contestants, filming locations and all we know

Fred's Last Resort season 1 promises to unleash Fred's serious side.
Fred's Last Resort season 1 promises to unleash Fred's serious side. (Image credit: Getty)

In Fred’s Last Resort season 1 Fred Sirieix expects uncompromising excellence as he attempts to train 12 raw recruits in the art of high-end hotel service. 

Fred Sirieix is best known for his matchmaking skills on First Dates and lively adventures in Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip, but there’s another side to the French maître d’ — his passion for providing excellent service.

In E4’s new eight-part series Fred’s Last Resort, Fred amalgamates his many talents while revealing his strictly professional side when he gives 12 young adults the career opportunity of a lifetime. The competition will reward hard work and professionalism, but there will only be one winner. And anyone that messes up will be given a one-way ticket out of the competition.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fred’s Last Resort

Fred’s Last Resort season 1 release date

Fred’s Last Resort is an eight-part series, which debuts on E4 on Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 9pm. The second episode is on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 9pm, with new instalments on subsequent Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the same time. Episodes will also be available on All 4.

Fred channels Cupid in First Dates on C4.

He's a first class Cupid in First Dates, but promises to be a taskmaster in Last Resort. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Is there a trailer for Fred’s Last Resort?

Yes! Fred Sirieix has posted it on his twitter account. Check it out! 

The premise of Fred’s Last Resort

According to the press release, Fred’s Last Resort will be a rollercoaster ride for the recruits — and for Fred!

“A glamourous, luxury hotel in Southern France paired with endless sunshine sounds like a luxury break for most people — but not if Fred Sirieix has anything to do with it. Far from playing Cupid, we’re about to see a side of Fred we’ve never seen before, as he takes on his biggest challenge yet.

“Giving back to the industry in which he made his name, and which almost buckled under the weight of a global pandemic, Fred’s Last Resort, we will see our favorite French maître d, recruit young people at a crossroads in their lives and throw them into a life-changing, highly demanding role in the exacting world of luxury, high-end hotel hospitality."

Fred’s Last Resort season 1 contestants

The 12 contestants vying for a year-long prestigious work placement and £10,000 cash prize are a lively and diverse bunch.

The press release hints at what viewers can expect: “Our new recruits will have to lose the lounge wear and smarten up their appearance and attitude, as there is a challenging road ahead.”

Fred with his new recruits.

Fred with his new recruits.  (Image credit: C4)

Who's who in Fred's Last Resort

Lacey, 26, an event organiser from Hertfordshire

Heather, 23, a takeaway delivery courier from Brighton

Sammi, 23, a barista from Manchester

Francesca, 20, a retail assistant from London

Orlagh, 21, a pizza waitress from Cheshire

Mollie, 21, a supermarket cashier from Bristol

Tom, 21, a farmer from Wiltshire

Dippy, 18, a student from Cardiff

Jackson, 27, a boxer from Blackpool

Lance, 24, a content creator from Luton

Levi, 19, a social media manager from Rotherham

Pawel, 22, a barman from Manchester

The lively young contestants in Fred's Last Resort.

The lively young contestants in Fred's Last Resort. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Challenges facing the contestants in Fred’s Last Resort 

Fred will be putting the participants through their paces with a number of industry-focused responsibilities from housekeeping to hosting. 

The press release indicated that there will be no easy tasks, mentioning ‘demanding clientele’ and ‘strict rules’...

“Following strict rules and tackling all types of challenges, it’s up to Fred and his recruits not to disappoint, but will Fred be able wrangle his unruly recruits into keeping the hotel experience up to his high standards?”

Fred with Gordon and Gino on ITV's Road Trip.

Unlike ITV's Road Trip, E4's Last Resort will NOT be a jolly holiday. (Image credit: ITV)

The elimination process in Fred’s Last Resort

Expect tears, tantrums and surprise reactions when contestants are asked to leave the series. 

“If any of the staff don’t step up to the plate, Fred won’t hesitate to say ‘au revoir!’”

The winner of Fred’s Last Resort season 1

The person who makes it to the end wins a life-changing career opportunity.

Speaking about the series Fred Sirieix says: “The hospitality industry changed my life when I was just 20. It taught me the skills for success. Last Resort promises to not only be a dramatic and fun filled series, but it will also give our young contestants an insight into the world of high-end hotel management whilst developing valuable and transferable skills in hospitality. It’s an opportunity that could change their lives, as it did mine.”

The press release says: “If the recruits make it through the season, they will not only have learned some very exclusive, new transferrable skills to help them succeed in life, but one of them will also receive a life-changing role, a sought-after internship at a top tier hospitality group."

Where was Fred’s Last Resort season 1 filmed?

The first series of Fred’s Last Resort was filmed during the 2022 Summer season in the South of France. We spoke to Fred Sirieix and learned more about filming the series.

E4 told us: “Located in a spectacular hotel on the French Riviera, the area where Fred himself trained as a youngster, the team will welcome demanding clientele from across the globe who will expect nothing less than premium service.”

With numerous projects on the go, Fred is busier than a busboy on Mother's Day at the moment! Could the below Tweet be a snippet from his time filming Fred's Last Resort, or is it from one of his many other projects?

Fred's Last Resort season 1 episode guide

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 1

E4: "The competition begins as the excitable youngsters arrive at Les Roches Blanches with sun, sea and... more on their minds. But before they've had chance to unpack their suitcases, Fred immediately sends the recruits off on a whistle-stop tour of the resort to introduce them to the mountain of jobs they'll be undertaking over the summer. After serving a gourmet meal to 30 VIPs, Fred's fledglings must throw an opulent birthday party, sourcing the food and drinks themselves in the local town. Twelve young Brits sampling luxury beverages in the sun on the French Riviera - what could possibly go wrong?"

WTW: Lesson one: Don’t call Fred ‘bruv’. Entertaining and eye opening. 

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 2

E4: "After a late night of drinking games and bedroom swapping, Fred sends his young hopefuls to Provence to learn about some of the hotel's top-end suppliers. Alas, there's no such thing as a free meal (or drink) - the recruits must use what they've learned to organise an evening of fine dining that showcases the wine from one of the region's best vineyards and the oysters from some award-winning local fishermen. As dozens of guests descend upon the hotel, the food and wine suppliers join Fred to assess the group's skills. It's a high-pressure situation. So it'd be a really inconvenient time for a load of glasses and shellfish to come crashing to the floor... Could it be home time for any of the recruits?"

WTW: Lesson two: Drinking on the job is a risk in business!

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 3

E4: "Fred's recruits are called down to the hotel's pétanque court, where they're tasked with transforming the area into an events space for one of the region's leading fashion designers. With a complicated schedule to follow - including serving drinks and canapés at very specific times during the show - can the young Brits lay on a fantastic fashion extravaganza that ensures all the focus stays on the models on the catwalk? Anyone who's responsible for any mishaps could be strutting onto the first flight home."

WTW: While the front-of-house team are smashing it (literally - glass everywhere), will the backstage crew exhibit model behaviour? 

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 4

E4: "It's sun, sea and service for Fred's recruits as they organise personalised luxury excursions for VIP guests on the French Riviera. With a language barrier and time constraints to navigate, they must lay on special activities specifically suited to their guests' needs. So will a fishing trip, a landscape art class and a cookery course hit the mark? They might, providing the latter doesn't descend into a food fight..."

WTW: Bespoke luxury excursions for guests don’t go to plan - primarily because there isn't a plan...

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 5

E4: "Fred's remaining recruits' organisational skills are tested to the max as a group of unusual VIPs descend upon the hotel for a photoshoot for a luxury dog fashion brand. With some highly unpredictable four-legged supermodels on their hands - as well as some rather demanding owners - how will the young Brits cope with ensuring everyone's in the right place at the right time?"

WTW: Fred lets the candidates off the leash for a canine calendar photoshoot that they can really get their teeth into. Will it be complete dog's dinner?

As Fred told us in a recent interview: "That was quite the event!"

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 6

E4: "The recruits are all at sea as Fred sends them aboard a superyacht to deliver a fine dining experience to a group of very discerning guests. It's a glorious Mediterranean adventure - or at least it's meant to be. But the last time the recruits served a three-course meal, on the first day of the competition, it was a complete disaster. So how will they cope with repeating the task on the waves of the Med? Fred's on deck keeping his eagle eye out to see who really deserves to stay in the competition - and who deserves to walk the plank..."

WTW: There are wobbles as the recruits sea legs are put to the test once again when they're tasked with delivering an intimate fine dining experience. At one point Fred is so unimpressed he declares it one of the worse services he's seen in his career. Fred, you ain't see nothing yet - next week is full of extraordinary new surprises...

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 7

E4: "As the season wears on, the remaining recruits are getting closer to winning a top hospitality job and cash prize. In the penultimate episode, Fred orders them to prepare the hotel's famous Winston Churchill Suite - once a favourite painting spot of the former British PM. It's now the hotel's honeymoon suite, and a pair of high-profile French VIPs are coming in to celebrate their engagement. The young Brits are tasked with laying on a lavish party, featuring floral arrangements, cocktails and a dozen white doves. But it turns out their avian guests are more difficult to look after than their VIPs... With the stakes higher than ever, Fred warns the recruits that any mistakes will see them fired on the spot. Will they make it to the final challenge?"

WTW: There’s no room for error as the remaining recruits host a lavish engagement party that comes with a £30,000 price tag. First up is a celebratory lunch for the happy couple and their friends and family, followed tomorrow by a boozy engagement party on a sailing boat. From arguments over flowers and favours to an utterly crashing OMG mistake by one candidate, the competition picks up pace...

Fred's Last Resort Season 1 — Episode 8

E4: "The recruits conclude their season aboard a magnificent tall ship on the Med, as they aim to finish the VIP engagement party they've thrown for some high-profile French guests with a flourish. Their final challenge is all about timing, as they try to serve a gigantic cake and a barrelful of cocktails exactly coinciding with the sunset. And then it's over to Fred, who has the unenviable task of interviewing the young Brits before deciding who most deserves a cash prize and the opportunity of a lifetime working for a major international hotel group. Across the summer, the recruits have grown in confidence and ability, as they've crammed in a lifetime's worth of difficult demands. But there can only be one winner..."

WTW - Fred seriously judges everything and muses who should win the job of a life-time and £10,000. Following some insightful one-to-one interviews with the remaining candidates the series ends with a feel-good finale and mini catch up with the winner. 

More on Fred’s Last Resort

Fred’s Last Resort is co-produced by Betty TV and Canard, both part of Objective Media Group, and Motion Content Group. It is executive produced by Cam de la Huerta, David Harrison and Helen Cooke for Canard and Betty TV, and Martin Oxley for Motion. It was commissioned for E4 by Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Steven Handley and Head of Youth and Digital, Karl Warner. The series will be distributed by All3Media International.

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