Jungle — release date, cast, rap and drill artists, plot, trailer, music, and all about the Prime Video drama

Jungle on Prime Video stars M24 as 6ix and J Fado as Chapo in a first look picture (above).
Jungle on Prime Video stars M24 as 6ix and J Fado as Chapo in a first look picture (above). (Image credit: Prime Video)

Jungle on Prime Video gives a new perspective on inner-London life, by following the intertwined lives of strangers and set against the background of the rap and drill scene. 

UK artists lead the field when it comes to rap and drill but this new series, featuring its major stars such as Tinie Tempah, Big Narstie, Unknown T, Jordan McCann, Jaykae, IAMDDB, Double Lz, Bandokay and M24, gets to grips with the realities of London life. 

In a world where only the strongest survive, it follows the interconnecting lives of several strangers, each facing their own struggles. And soon they come to realise that every action, no matter how small, has a consequence. 

So here’s everything you need to know about Jungle on Prime Video... 

Jungle is a must for fans of rap and drill.

Jungle is a must for fans of rap and drill. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Tinie Tempah is just one of the many rap stars appearing in Jungle.

Tinie Tempah is just one of the many rap stars appearing in Prime Video's Jungle. (Image credit: Getty)

Jungle release date on Prime Video

Jungle is a six-part drama series will launch worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on September 30 2022. 

Has Prime Video released a trailer for Jungle?   

Yes Prime Video has released a trailer for Jungle and it looks awesome, opening with a pair of eyes and man declaring: 'If I stay here I'm gonna die!'. Do give the trailer a watch below...

What is the plot of Jungle on Prime Video?

Jungle shines a light on London life, through the prism of UK rap and drill music, as the six-parter follows various strangers whose lives are unravelling around them. It gives a very different perspective on London life and focuses on the day-to-day struggles and dangers many face in the capital. Ultimately each character must learn the true value of life. 

Jungle cast — who's starring in the Prime Video drama?

Jungle has a great mix of actors and UK artists in the rap and drill scene. The Batman and Bulletproof actor Ezra Elliot stars as Gogo while newcomer Nadia A’Rubea is Jessica. Rapper Tinie Tempah plays himself alongside M24 who stars as 6iX and J Fado as Chap. IAMDDB, who had a hit single with Shade in 2017, plays Mia Mor$. Jaykae, who featured on Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s Take Me Back to London remix, plays Willow. Other UK artists rocking up in Jungle include Big Narstie, Unknown T, Jordan McCann, Double Lz, and Bandokay. Young Matdel Seyi plays Danial, AMARIA BB is Bianca, Koke as Stacks and RA is Slim.

Bulletproof star Ezra Elliott as Gogo in Jungle.

Bulletproof star Ezra Elliott as Gogo in Prime Video's Jungle. (Image credit: Prime Video)

AMARIA BB as Bianca.

AMARIA BB as Bianca. (Image credit: Prime Video)

RA plays Slim in Jungle.

RA plays Slim in Jungle. (Image credit: Prime Video)

More on Prime Video's Jungle 

Locations for Jungle are in and around London where the drama is set, including many seens using the skyscarper background on Canary Wharf. Jungle is produced by Nothing Lost. The Creators and Executive Producers are Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti. 

Junior says: "Jungle has been a memorable experience bringing it to fruition. Amazon has been really brave in its approach. When we first came to them with the concept it was kind of a hard idea to sell them as it hadn't been done before. But they invested in us and hard the courage to believe in what we were doing. We had freedom in creativity to express ourselves."

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