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Amazon Prime's 'Lioness' — everything we know about the new Nicola Adams documentary

Amazon Prime's 'Lioness' will feature Olympic boxer Nicola Adams talking about her life.
Amazon Prime's 'Lioness' will feature Olympic boxer Nicola Adams talking about her life. (Image credit: Getty)

Britain's double Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams features in Amazon Prime's Lioness, which follows her upbringing in Leeds to becoming and Olympic boxing champion in 2012 and 2016 and the media personality she is today.

The no-holds-barred biopic, named after Nicola’s nickname in the ring, is coming to Amazon Prime Video this autumn and Nicola is said to have been involved in every step of the process.

Martin Backlund, Head of Content for UK Prime Video said: "Nicola is a trailblazer and her story is one that will inspire audiences of all backgrounds.

"Lioness examines Nicola’s life spent fighting fierce competitors, prejudice, and adversity and her determination to never give up. We couldn’t be happier to share her story, and her boundless resilience and optimism, with Amazon Prime Video customers."

So here’s all we know so far about Amazon Prime's one-off documentary Lioness

Amazon Prime's 'Lioness' release date

The one-off documentary Lioness is released worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on Friday Nov. 12 2021. 

Is there a trailer for Amazon's 'Lioness'?

Yes there's now trailer for Lioness released by Amazon Prime Video, which shows what we can expect to learn about the life Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams and the struggles she faced to get there.

What is Amazon's 'Lioness' about?

Lioness charts Nicola’s tough upbringing in Leeds, UK, and the moment she fought (and won) her first bout at the age of 13 to her becoming an Olympic boxing champion, as well as a notably rare LGBT sports figure. The film is also set to feature Nicola herself giving a unique and intimate take on her successes and struggles in and out of the boxing.

Nicola Adams winning Olympic gold at London 2012.

Nicola Adams winning Olympic gold at London 2012. (Image credit: Getty)

'Lioness' Nicola fighting for Olympic glory.

  'Lioness' Nicola fighting for Olympic glory. (Image credit: Getty)

Who is 'Lioness' Nicola Adams?

Now retired from the sport, Nicola won gold in London 2012, the first time women were allowed to compete at boxing in the Olympic Games, and then did the same in Rio four years later. She also became the first openly LGBT person to win an Olympic boxing gold. Last year, she became part of the first same-sex pairing on Strictly Come Dancing with dancer Katya Jones (see them dancing below), and she and her partner Ella Baig are also powerful advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.

Strictly 2020... Nicola partnered Katya Jones.

Strictly 2020... Nicola partnered Katya Jones. (Image credit: BBC)

Nicola Adams on her inspiring life and what will feature in Amazon's 'Lioness'

Nicola Adams says: "I knew that my story would inspire someone. When I was younger, I decided to keep the footage from my first fight away from media as I knew I was going to put it into a film one day…filming felt like therapy, I was reliving my childhood and everything it took to get me where I am.
“I hope that when people watch this, they feel inspired and encouraged to pursue their dreams, as you only have one life. I went from breaking my back to winning a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, all in the space of two years.”

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