Physical: 100 season 2: what we know so far

The Tug of war challenge from the final of Physical: 100 season 1
Is Physical: 100 coming back for more? (Image credit: Netflix)

Physical: 100 season 2 is certainly on the cards, although it's not official yet.

Netflix's Korean reality series was an engrossing, action-packed debut season that plenty of fans across the globe simply couldn't look away from. 

The grueling, Squid Game-style elimination competition saw the first Physical: 100 cast taking on all manner of brutal challenges, ranging from one-on-one wrestling match-ups to team challenges and mythologically-inspired endurance tests. 

Viewers and critics alike had great things to say about it, so it's no surprise that there's a big appetite for news about a potential second season. Here's what we've heard so far.

Is there going to be a Physical: 100 season 2?

Whilst there's been no official word from Netflix at the time of writing, it seems highly likely that Netflix will be looking to capitalize on Physical: 100's success by bringing it back for more sometime in the future. 

Although Netflix has a bit of a reputation for swinging the axe at some of their popular shows — here are ten where Netflix axed them a little too soon — there are a few reasons we think the show could be back before long. 

For a start, fans have already made it pretty clear that they're desperate for Physical: 100 to get a second season. Plus, the viewing figures speak for themselves: Netflix revealed (opens in new tab) that the series was the first unscripted show to hit No. 1 on Netflix's Non-English TV show list, and it's remained in the Top 10 most-streamed shows for the past month.

We also think the show's mysterious narrator way well have teased a second season of Physical: 100 at the end of the last episode as is; wrapping up the first series, he commented: "various physiques exist in the world. Our search for the perfect physique will continue." 

Regardless, the lack of an official announcement shouldn't be too disconcerting right now. Netflix typically takes a little while before announcing whether shows have been renewed, and Physical: 100 only came to an end on February 21.

Who won Physical: 100 season 1?

Woo Jin-Yong reaching to press a bell during the final Quest of Physical: 100

Woo Jin-yong (right) is the first-ever winner of Physical: 100. (Image credit: Netflix)

Although 100 contestants entered, only one of them could walk away with Physical: 100's huge cash prize. That competitor was Woo Jin-yong, a CrossFit athlete and snowboarder who survived every single one of the trials that were thrown his way, proving he was the one star who had "the ultimate physique".

Notably, he was the winner of the challenging endurance game, "The Tail Of Ouroboros", where he ran more than 20 laps around a race track whilst avoiding being overtaken by any of his fellow competitors.

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