Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground: release date and everything we know

The Tug of war challenge from the final of Physical: 100 season 1
Is Physical: 100 coming back for more? (Image credit: Netflix)

It's official: Physical: 100 season 2 is coming our way this March.

Netflix's thrilling Korean reality series show debuted at the start of 2023, and quickly became a big hit with viewers and critics alike; it was even the first unscripted show to become the streaming service's most popular non-English TV program.

The grueling, Squid Game-style elimination competition saw the first Physical: 100 cast taking on all manner of brutal challenges to find the one person amongst them with the perfect physique. 

Plenty of Physical: 100 fans were desperate for news of a second season, and their prayers have been answered. Netflix confirmed Physical: 100 season 2 was coming. Thanks to a new update, we now know Physical: 100 season 2 will be subtitled "Underground", and will be hitting our screens soon.

Here's everything you need to know about Physical: 100 Season 2 — Underground.

Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground release date

On February 21, 2024, Netflix revealed that Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground would be returning on March 19, 2024.

Currently, an article on Tudum says that 'episodes' will drop on that date, so its unclear whether the new series will follow the same release schedule as before or debuting all in one go.

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What will happen in Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground? 

Last year, Physical: 100 director Jang Ho-gi released a statement teasing what's been preserved and what's being changed for the new series. One thing's for sure: this series is set to raise the bar in basically every aspect. 

"We are very grateful Physical: 100 received so much love from fans all across the globe, and we paid attention to all the comments and feedback,” he said. “We decided to retain the essence of the show — finding the perfect physique— while introducing fresh elements. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the fans of the show.”

He went on to tease that he's working with 'many experts to make sure we have even more electrifying and well-deisgned quests that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.' he's working with a team to design some new Quests that will put our next batch of uber-fit competitors through their paces. 

In Netflix's Feb. 2024 announcement, they confirmed that Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground would be sending its next set of contestants below the earth to an 'even more extensive' set in a massive underground mine.

Who's in the Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground cast? 

As of our latest update, the full Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground cast has not been revealed, but a few big names have been teased.

The new lineup will include renowned athletes like Kim Dong-hyun, the first Korean UFC fighter with the highest number of wins within Korea, along with judo gold medalist, Lee Won-hee and Anthony Jung, a gold medalist in wrestling.

It sounds like we'll be seeing another batch of elite athletes from all walks of life throughout the rest of the lineup, as Netflix has further revealed some of the other professions that will be represented in season 2: FBI diplomats, actors, singers, police officers and military personnel.

Who won Physical: 100 season 1?

Woo Jin-Yong reaching to press a bell during the final Quest of Physical: 100

Woo Jin-yong (right) is the first-ever winner of Physical: 100. (Image credit: Netflix)

Although 100 contestants took part in the first series, only one of them managed to lay claim to Physical: 100's huge cash prize. 

That competitor was Woo Jin-yong, a CrossFit athlete and snowboarder who survived every single one of the trials that were thrown his way, proving he was the one star who had "the ultimate physique".

Notably, he was the winner of the challenging endurance game, "The Tail Of Ouroboros", where he ran more than 20 laps around a race track whilst avoiding being overtaken by any of his fellow competitors.

Where is Physical: 100 season 2 filmed?

Physical: 100 season 2 — Underground has once again been filmed in South Korea, but has swapped the setting around dramatically, as the action will now play out in a 'massive underground mine'.

Previously, the Physical: 100 team revealed that the size of the universe would be expanded, which was particularly impressive given the set for series 1 already spanned the length of two entire soccer fields!

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