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The End Is Nye — release date, destinations, trailer and everything we know

The End is Nye key art
The End is Nye is coming to Peacock this August. (Image credit: NBCUniversal)

We all know Bill Nye for his namesake PBS show from the 1990s, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now, TV personality and environmentalist Bill Nye is at it again with The End Is Nye.

The six-episode series follows Nye, an Emmy Award winner, as he enters the world’s most threatening global disasters, which include natural disasters and man-made ones, as well. 

As Nye explained in a statement from Peacock, he is looking forward to the release of the series.

“Right now, our world is a very scary place, and yet full of opportunities to make life better for all of us— for everyone on Earth. Speaking of Earth, the big idea behind The End Is Nye is that for the first time in the history of our planet, we humans can control our fate. We can see the potential for these overwhelming disasters, and we have the means to avoid them. With science, we can change the world.”

Here's everything you need to know about The End is Nye.

The End is Nye release date

The End is Nye hits Peacock on Thursday, August 25. 

As The End is Nye is a Peacock Original, you'll need to be subscribed to one of the Peacock Premium plans in order to tune in.

What is The End is Nye about?

From tornadoes to viruses and asteroids, we journey with Nye as he gets into the most dangerous aspect of each disaster, and then breaks down the science behind each one. Each episode reveals survival skills and how they can even be prevented with help from viewers.

“The End Is Nye is a relationship show; it's about our relationship with nature and how it can end in total disaster,” says Brannon Braga, the writer, director, and executive producer of the show.

“It’s also about how science can help that relationship to survive and thrive. Yes, The End Is Nye is terrifying, but our goal is to boost human confidence with a welcome jolt of optimism about the future and scientific understanding.”

The show’s co-creators are Braga alongside Seth MacFarlane, a science advocate, actor and creator of the animated series, Family Guy.

Where is Bill Nye headed in the show?

Although the disaster events that Bill Nye is looking at threaten life on the whole planet, the trailer (more on that below) suggests the show will focus in on six major cities across the globe: Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico City, London, Rio De Janeiro and New York City.

Is there a trailer for The End is Nye?

Yes! The trailer for The End is Nye sees Bill welcoming viewers to The Disaster Institute for his new docuseries and gives us a taste of Bill taking on six different world-ending disaster events, all to show us how we could save the planet with science.

Check it out below:

The End is Nye episode guide

In episode one, Bill enters a "HydraStorm" after monstrous hurricanes sweep the Earth and drive the planet. In this episode, he tries to explain the different kinds of storms that can affect people around the world.

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