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'The Responder' series 2 — everything we know so far

'The Responder' series 2
Will Martin Freeman return in 'The Responder' series 2? (Image credit: BBC)

The Responder series 2 could be on its way to BBC1 after The Responder season 1 proved a huge hit, with its first episode pulling in an audience of 7.6 million viewers. 

The five-part drama, which saw Liverpool police officer Chris Carson battling to hold his life together after getting tangled up in the city's criminal underworld, came to a tense conclusion tonight and viewers are desperate for more

Martin Freeman led an all-star cast as the troubled copper and earned praise from critics for his portrayal of a man on the verge of a mental health crisis due to the stress of his job. 

David Bradley, Ian Hart, Warren Brown, and Adebayo Adelayo also starred in the series, which was written by former copper Tony Schumacher, yet will any of them be returning for a second series? Here's everything we know...

*WARNING - Contains spoilers for The Responder season 1*

When is 'The Responder' series 2 on BBC1? 

Series producer Laurence Bowen says the team behind the show are already sketching out ideas for a second series, should it be commissioned. 

"We've started working on scripts for the second series," he explained at a recent press event. "We're thinking about what the storylines will be and what the kind of shape it will be. It's just a real privilege as a producer to tap into something - like a mosquito tapping into an artery - with Tony as the artery! There's a lot more to come I think, so we'd definitely love to do more." 

Writer Tony Schumacher is also reportedly keen to do another chapter, but it will take some time for scripts to be written and filming to start if a sequel is commissioned. 

With leading man Martin Freeman also in demand, it could be a while before we see the show return to our screens and a second series is unlikely to be ready until 2023, at the earliest. 

What could happen in 'The Responder' series 2? 

The first series ended with Chris Carson taking the stash of cocaine from Casey and giving it to Carl Sweeney's widow in a bid to buy her silence. He then advised Dr Diane Gallagher, who was running her brother's drug empire while he was in prison, to tell her bosses the drugs had been seized by the police. 

In the final scenes we saw the troubled copper returning home and vowing to make a new start with his wife Kate (MyAnna Buring), before going back on patrol with his partner Rachel Hargreaves (Adelayo Adedayo). But will his plan to put those dodgy dealings behind him work out? 

Chris might be confident that convincing Dr Gallagher's boss their stash has been seized will save her brother's life, but there's no guarantee that her boss will accept her explanation. Could she be back to demand the money from Chris if the show returns? 

What's more, Ray Mullen still has an axe to grind with Chris and may well renew his vendetta if a new series does hit our screens. We could also see Carl's widow Jodie coming out of the woodwork again if she struggles to move the drugs Chris gave her.

An interesting storyline involving Chris's abusive father was also not explored, so could this be something Tony Schumacher expands upon in a potential second series? 

Two characters we definitely hope return if there is a new series are young Casey and Marco, played by Emily Fairn and Josh Finan, who were a big hit with viewers! 

'The Responder' series 2

Will Emily Fairn return as Casey in 'The Responder' series 2?  (Image credit: BBC / Dancing Ledge)

Which cast members will be returning? 

There's no news yet on who might be signing up for a second series, yet Martin Freeman has made no secret of his desire to reprise his role as Chris Carson, as he told us at a press event last year.

"Chris is a character I'd like to return to because I'm a sucker for good scripts," he said. "I'll walk anywhere for a good script and we had a great team on this. I love the team, it's beautifully produced and so yeah I would hope to do it again!" 

Warren Brown has also hinted that he would be willing to return to the show if a second series goes into production... "So often you don't know how well something's going to be received, so you don't know from the off that they're wanting to do more of a series. But I think more and more now when an audience reaction has been great for a show, there's definite scope to do more. So there are murmurs of season two, but nothing set in stone. I'd love to go back if that happens."

Is there a trailer for 'The Responder' series 2? 

There's no trailer yet, but in the mean time here's the trailer for series 1 to tide you over... 

All episodes of The Responder season 1 are currently available on BBC iPlayer.  

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