Tokyo Vice season 2: cast and everything we know about the crime drama

Ansel Elgort in Tokyo Vice
Ansel Elgort in Tokyo Vice (Image credit: James Lisle/HBO Max)

Both fans and critics enjoyed Tokyo Vice season 1, the crime drama based on the experiences of American journalist Jake Adelstein. So to the delight of just about everybody, there is more on the way with Tokyo Vice season 2. 

Crime story mastermind Michael Mann executive produced Tokyo Vice and directed the pilot episode, though the creator of the series is J.T. Rogers, whose other major TV project was the TV movie Oslo, based on his own play.

Tokyo Vice season 1 debuted in the spring of 2022 in the US on HBO Max (arriving in the UK in the fall) and was then renewed a couple of months later in June.

What can fans expect in Tokyo Vice season 2? Here is everything we know about the latest season of the crime drama.

Tokyo Vice season 2 release date

It's TBD on an official date for new episodes of Tokyo Vice, but we do know that the show is set to return sometime in 2023. 

In an HBO/HBO Max preview video for their 2023 slate, Tokyo Vice was included among the shows that are going to have a new season in 2023. Unfortunately, the footage shown was from season 1, so it's hard to say as of right now how far along production on the new season is.

Tokyo Vice season 2 cast

The Tokyo Vice season 1 cast was headlined by Ansel Elgort as Jake Adelstein, Ken Watanabe as Hiroto Katagiri, Rachel Keller as Samantha, Rinko Kikuchi as Eimi and Shô Kasamatsu as Sato. There was also Ella Rumpf as Polina, Hideaki Ito as Jin Miyamoto and Tomohisa Yamashita as Akira.

Officially, HBO has not shared who is returning for season 2, but we can assume that Elgort, Watanabe, Keller and Kikuchi are going to. Kasamatsu and Ito are a bit more up in the air because of where we last saw their characters. We'll pass along an update as the Tokyo Vice season 2 cast is announced.

We do have one confirmed new addition to the cast, however, as Variety (opens in new tab) reports that Takayuki Suzuki (Invasion) is joining the show in the role of Masahito Ohno, an architect who is a client at a hostess club that then gets dragged into the underworld that works behind the curtain of the club. 

Tokyo Vice season 2 plot

Warning, SPOILERS AHEAD for Tokyo Vice season 1.

Tokyo Vice is based on the memoir from Jake Adelstein about his time covering the police beat and the Yakuza in 1990s Tokyo. There have been some questions about just how much of Adelstein's memoir is what really happened, but we'll leave that for another day.

The first season saw Jake get a job at a well-respected Tokyo newspaper, working on the police beat. After initial struggles, he forms close relationships with a number of people that allow him to dive deep into the Yakuza. This includes his editor Eimi, police detective Katagiri, Yakuza member Sato and an American hostess, Samantha.

As Jake investigates a string of apparent suicides, he discovers surprising connections to the criminal underworld. But the closer he gets the more dangerous things become.

Other than Jake, we see Samantha try and earn money to form her own club, but her own relations with the Yakuza and her past cause complications; she is also concerned for her friend Polina, who goes missing and Jake learns was actually murdered. 

Then there is Sato, who is slowly moving up the ranks of the Yakuza, but who seems conflicted by his choice of profession. At the end of season 1, Sato is attacked, stabbed and left for dead, but we don't know if he makes it or not. Was this attack from the rival Yakuza family, or was this an inside job because Sato was starting to question his superiors?

Elsewhere, we never saw it, but it certainly wasn't looking good for the dirty cop Jin Miyamoto, who was taken far away by his former mafia employers after seeming to turn a corner.

No official synopsis for Tokyo Vice season 2 has been shared, but here is what J.T. Rogers had to say about the upcoming season:

"Writing and then making the first season of Tokyo Vice with this remarkable group of artists was a matchless experience. So I’m over the moon that we get to keep going. I can’t wait to get back to work in Tokyo with our brilliant cast and crew. Stay tuned: there are twists and turns in the tale to come!"

Tokyo Vice season 2 trailer

There is no trailer yet for Tokyo Vice season 2. Even the HBO Max preview video that mentions the new season of the show uses footage from season 1. So when we get the first footage of the new episodes, we'll share it right here. 

How to watch Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice is an HBO Max original series, meaning anyone in the US (or wherever HBO Max is available) needs a subscription to the streaming service in order to watch it. UK audiences can stream the first season right now on BBC iPlayer and Sky TV's streaming service, Sky Go. 

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