We Have A Ghost: release date, cast, plot, trailer, first looks and all about the family friendly comedy

We Have a Ghost stars Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge.
We Have a Ghost on Netflix stars Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge. (Image credit: Netflix)

We Have A Ghost is a spooky but family-friendly film on Netflix. After finding a ghost named Ernest haunting their new rundown home, young Kevin and his slightly dysfunctional family become overnight social media sensations when Kevin’s dad Frank (Anthony Mackie) creates a YouTube channel documenting the apparition. 

The channel soon makes them some serious cash. But when Kevin and Ernest (Stranger Things star David Harbour) decide to investigate the puzzle of Ernest's shadowy life and mysterious death they become a target of the CIA and end up becoming outlaws! 

The movie's cast also includes Tig Notaro (Star Trek: Discovery) as a government agent hellbent on capturing Ernest, as well as recent Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus, Shotgun Wedding) as an eccentric TV medium. 

Here's everything you need to know about We Have A Ghost on Netflix...

Ernest takes a ride!

Ernest takes a ride!  (Image credit: Netflix)

We Have A Ghost release date

We Have A Ghost launches worldwide on Netflix on Friday, February 24 2023. Enjoy the spooky fun

Is there a We Have A Ghost trailer?

Yes, you can have a taster of the spooky fun in the We Have A Ghost trailer recently released by Netflix. Have a good chuckle at the clip below...

We Have A Ghost plot

We Have a Ghost follows a family who discovers a not-so-scary ghost, Ernest (David Harbour) in their rundown new home. Teenager Kevin (Jahi Winston) is the first to meet Ernest, who can’t speak and has no idea why he’s stuck in the so-called ‘House of Death’. But when Kevin films their interaction and uploads the video to social media, it makes overnight stars out of his family, including dad Frank (Avengers star Anthony Mackie). 

Soon enough, their fame attracts unwanted attention from a CIA agent (Tig Notaro) who’s determined to catch Ernest. Can Kevin find out more about the friendly ghost’s life – and death – before it’s too late? Jennifer Coolidge plays a celebrity psychic known as the West Bay Medium who's brought in called on to help the family. 

"When this slightly dysfunctional family moves into an old haunted house, instead of being scared off by the ghost, they create a YouTube channel and make him and the family famous," explains director Christopher Landon, who wrote the screenplay from a short story by Geoff Manaugh. 

"David Harbour was my first choice to play Ernest, but we were so lucky to get Jennifer Coolidge, and even luckier that she’s blown up in such a massive way," says Landon. "I've never had so much fun working with someone; she was a blast. She came to the set so eager, excited and ready to play. It’s nice to see her getting the recognition and the attention that she deserves."

Things start kicking off when Kevin and his dad meet Ernest the ghost.

Things start kicking off when Kevin and his dad meet Ernest the ghost. (Image credit: Netflix)

We Have A Ghost cast — Jennifer Coolidge as the West Bay Medium

We Have A Ghost is lucky to have Jennifer Coolidge bringing her recent Midas touch to play the super-coiffed celebrity psychic known as the West Bay Medium.

Since playing ditzy, lovable heiress Tanya McQuoid in smash-hit satire The White Lotus seasons 1 and 2 (2021-23), she’s landed Golden Globe, Emmy and Critics’ Choice awards, and has suddenly become the hottest name in Hollywood.

The recognition is long overdue for the 61-year-old star, who followed up her TV debut in a 1993 episode of Seinfeld with the iconic roles of ‘Stifler’s Mom’ in American Pie (1999), ‘bend-and-snap’ manicurist Paulette in Legally Blonde (2001) and Hilary Duff’s evil stepmother in A Cinderella Story (2004). But after years of underrated, scene-stealing appearances in comedies such as Joey (2004-06) and Two Broke Girls (2011-17), mockumentary films including Best in Show (2000) and A Mighty Wind (2003), and even an Ariana Grande music video, Coolidge is finally experiencing a career renaissance — or a ‘Jenaissance’, as it’s been called. 

"I’ve been in a state of shock this past year," says Boston-born Coolidge. "Along with The White Lotus, I think the “Jenaissance” thing was also down to Ryan Murphy’s show, The Watcher [she played brassy real-estate agent Karen Calhoun in the 2022 series]. 

The West Bay Medium.

Jennifer Coolidge as the West Bay Medium. (Image credit: Neflix)

Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid with Greg (Jon Gries) pose for a selfie together in The White Lotus S2

Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid with Greg (Jon Gries) in The White Lotus S2. (Image credit: Fabio Lovino/HBO)

David Harbour as Ernest the ghost

Look out for a star tun by David Harbour as the apparition Ernest who becomes a YouTube viral sensation when teenager Kevin films him.

David Harbour hit worldwide fame for his role as Chief Jim Hopper in Netflix hit Stranger Things. He's also starred in the movies Quantam of Solace, Black Widow , Revolutionary Road and Hellboy.

David Harbour as Ernest.

David Harbour as Ernest with his young friends. (Image credit: Netflix)

David Harbour.

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. (Image credit: Netflix)

Anthony Mackie and Jahi Winston as Frank and Kevin

The family home spooked out by Ernest is lived in by dad Frank, played by Anthony Mackie, and his teen son Kevin is played by Jahi Di'Allo Winston. Anthony Mackie is of course famous for his role as The Falcon in the Avengers movie franchise and spin-off series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, Jahi Di'Allo Winston has previously starred in The Upside and Queen & Slim.

Anthony Mackie and Jahi Winston as Frank and Kevin (both at front).

Anthony Mackie and Jahi Winston as Frank and Kevin (both at front). (Image credit: Netflix)

Who else is starring in We Have A Ghost

Look out for Erica Ash as Kevin's mum Melanie and Tig Notaro as CIA agent Dr Leslie Monroe who's out to capture Ernest. This Is Us star Niles Fitch plays family friend Fulton Presley while Sherri Eakin is Ramona Scheller.

Erica Ash as Melanie, Niles Fitch as Fulton, Jahi Winston as Kevin in We Have A Ghost.

We Have A Ghost stars Erica Ash as Melanie, Niles Fitch as Fulton and Jahi Winston as Kevin.  (Image credit: Netflix)

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