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Aaron tells Chas he was abused by his dad!

In a bid to make up with her son and get to the root of his problems, Chas insists on taking Aaron to the beach for the day. When Chas reminds her son how she took him to the same spot as a child, Aaron’s mood darkens. Later, Chas thinks the day has gone OK and is totally unprepared when Aaron suddenly blurts out that Gordon raped him when he was little. As Aaron goes on to explain and relive the horror, Chas’s world shatters.

Up at the prison, Moira tries to lay down some ground rules with Charity ahead of her moving in following her release from prison. But when Moira warns Charity not to make any moves on Cain, Charity bites back and reveals she knows about Moira’s kiss with Pete!

Pollard’s having a serious financial crisis. But Diane isn’t about to soft-soap her brother-in-law and warns him to come up with a plan just like Val would have done.