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Alicia’s tipsy and home alone with Lachlan

*Hour-long episode

It’s Alicia’s birthday and what starts out as some fun drinks with her sister, Leyla, ends in horror.

When David’s called away to a situation with his daughter Amba, Alicia tells Lachlan to shut up the shop early. As the teen fancies Alicia like mad, he’s only too happy to oblige when she asks him to get some drinks. But when eager Lachlan returns to the lounge he finds Alicia conked out on the sofa!

Sitting down next to her, he’s encouraged when Alicia drowsily snuggles into him. Taking it as a sign, he tests the boundaries… When Alicia rouses, she’s horrified to find Lachlan’s undone her shorts and is touching her! Terrified, she kicks him out as he claims she led him on!

Unable to get hold of David, Alicia turns to Leyla, who gets her to call the police. Before she’s even had chance to take it all in, Alicia’s making a statement about the assault and awaiting an examination…

Ali’s desperate to stop Rachel leaving for Luton. Sam’s left confused when the factory worker asks him to try get her sister to stay. But single mum Rachel’s mind is made up, and she leaves.