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Ashley’s in a coma

In the hospital, Victoria faces her fears as she visits the vicar she secretly hit with her car. And her guilt increases as Harriet rages at Laurel, blaming her for Ashley’s demise.

Back at home, guilt-ridden Victoria tells Adam Laurel is in the firing line and reels as her boyfriend says he’ll take the rap for the accident, which has caused all the drama. But when Victoria later goes missing, it doesn’t take Adam long to work out where she has gone… Turning up at the police station, Victoria admits she hit someone with her car and the victim is now in a coma. Meanwhile, unable to cope with all the grief, Laurel sneaks into a hospital toilet and necks a load of vodka.

As David and Alicia leave, Carly is too scared to tell them she hasn’t got the loan to buy the shop, the sisters still aren’t talking, David’s already missing Amba, and Jacob can’t understand why the adults in his life aren’t getting on.

Emma is loving having James around, and feels as if she has her family back again. To keep it that way she poses as his ex-landlady and scuppers his chance of renting a new pad.